Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never, ever, ever give up!

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  1. Seriously Emily are you psychic!!! I have been sooo incredibly stressed out with going back to school, driving kids EVERYWHERE, two of them kids being teenagers!All 3 being boys. First two weeks of school has been tough with work, school and the boys' hockey schedules. Took today off cause didn't have the heart to get them up at 4:45 to take them to my Mon's house where they catch the bus and then I put in a full day at work. I am tired!!!Never seem to be able to take a breath. Even on the weekends, cause my husband is usually too full to drive them anywhere, so I am behind on everything. Almost even took a drink on Sunday to say "If I can't beat them I will join him!" I didn't though. Spent the day cooking an amazing family dinner, which was spoiled because my husband got "full" and went on one of his tangents how noone appreciates him!! I WILL NOT LET ANYONE BREAK ME AGAIN!!!In 2 years of recovery I had a relapse in November(my 40th birthday) not going back to that crazy self -destructive lifestyle. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!
    Hope everything is well with everyone and sending all my positive energy your way!!!
    Take care and thanks for giving me the opportunity to get this off my chest.

  2. This is for Laura, First, God Bless You!!! I'm just getting familiar with this sight so, don't know if you've tried a few
    things to help. Maybe car pooling with other moms to and from hockey, etc. And could you and the boys stay over at
    your mom's a night or two a week so that you don't wake the
    boys in the dark to get going to work? Maybe someone in one of your meetings could help. A lady who is retired or a stay at
    home mom? You don't mention if your hubby works. Even
    if he does, is he willing to help when he's not full?
    Just some thoughts to hopefully help or at least get you
    thinking creatively about ways to lessen your load.
    Saying a prayer right now for you and your boys.
    With love and caring. And a big hug.

  3. Good for you for staying stronger and fighting the good fight Laura!!!

    I too needed this today, as you already found out earlier Em....I worked on my step 4 ALL DAY LONG.....got A LOT accomplished - still have more to do tomorrow - it felt good...not sure why I was so scared of it.

    I also told my mom for the 1st time tonite that I have been in AA for almost 9 months - she said she's very proud of me and kinda wondered because she called the house a few weeks ago and my youngest told her that "mom's at her meeting"....guess I was more obviously an alkie than I thought for people to put 2 & 2 together so easily.

    I feel good.....off to my 8:00 meeting - hope all is well with everyone! Love ya all!!!

  4. Good to see how great everyone is doing. This is day 28 for me. I can so relate to the business of the school year. This was the time of year I started drinking again last year - in fact it might be the exact date today? It is a stressful time of year and I can relate to everyone's difficulty. So glad we all have each other to listen and vent to!