Friday, September 3, 2010


Lets talk about our Moms. I can't count the times I have heard women having difficulties with
their Mothers. Moms can be tuff. We expect them to be a certain way - supportive and loving at the least- and they often disappoint us. It's hard to remember that they are only human and most of them are doing the best the can with the knowledge they were given.

A wise person helped me get over some of the issues with my Mom, this is what she said "Why every time you call do you expect a different Mom to answer the phone? You're going to get the same one, accept it." and I did, and now everything great:) K... so that's crap, but we've come a long way. She's actually one of my best friends today. I love her and accept her for who she is,which is huge growth. Now that's all I have to say about that, as my Mom is my editor. But you all can feel free to vent about your if you want:)

I don't know why the relationship between Mothers and daughters is such a strained one. It just is on both parts I think. But I do know this, my relationship with my Mom (everyone actually) got a lot better when I accepted her for who she is instead of who I wanted her to be. I love you Mom!


  1. Moms are tough!! I love my mother. She was always the "bad cop" when we were kids, and my dad was "good cop". My father past away when I was 15 and my mother had to deal with finding a job, 17,15 and 13 year old bratty kids. She wasn't that hard to deal with she is just controlling & has very strong options about everything!!!!!!! She is a teacher and she has that "teacher" personality. We have had god times and bad times but when I was going through a really tough financial time, she was there!! She helped me so much. I have to say as we get older it is easier to keep her in check, LOL!!! I remind her that I am an adult and I'll be fine, but she still has her option. Now my mom is going through a hard time with her cancer, and her younger sister is not doing well at all, she also has cancer. what does my mom do the first thing when I call her, she asks how I am!!! She a great mom, I'm lucky to have her, because if she wasn't the "bad cop" I may have really been screwed up!!! I know I am an alcoholic, but that has nothing to do with her or anything she did. It's all on me. I love her and I pray I am the daughter she had dreamed of having and that I can support and help her through her illness. A mother really does love you no matter what!!
    P.S. it may sound like we are so "perfect", but we drive each other crazy, but don't mess with my momma, only I can tease and make fun of her, LOL!!!

  2. I had a therapist i never went back to b.c all she could tell me was i'm an acholic and at 19 i was still in denial about my mom though she told me to cut her off and i couldnt do that but i like what u had to say & she said somen about her and her drinking too i wish i knew how she put it exactley but how in a baby situation she dont know when to pick the child up and give it love ...somen! idk! Either way shes real sick and has been my best friend when i look threw the rouch patches she has tried her best and btw a few years later and im 4 months sober :) && seeing things in a differant light