Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in Sobriety

I'm not really having a whole lot of that, fun that is, not at all. but my God am I willing too. You see I don't really know what I like to do sober, I don't really know what I consider "fun". At least not yet.

I do know that I like golfing, darts, camping, and bowling....but that's about all I've tried in sobriety. If all goes as planned though I will have a life time to figure it out!

What are some of your favorite fun things to do in sobriety?


  1. I really like to read. I can finally concentrate on a book again! Also, when I got sober I returned to school and really enjoyed that - it fed my mind and my soul because it was a goal I'd had for a very long time. I also love to travel and plan future trips. I don't know that my likes are different now in sobriety than when I was drinking - I just enjoy them sans booze now. :-)

  2. I'm not havinng fun either - only 34 days in the rooms. Maybe fun is a spectrum and I have to look at little things, like I can now read before bed instead of passing out, I enjoy the antics of my dogs a little more and I can laugh with my children. But most of it is work....hopefully it will get better. Thanks for your posts Em.

  3. I am having a hard time with this one also. I didn't do too many things sober before so for the last two years trying to figure out who I am. I can say I don't get as pissy when I am out with my husband and people are drinking.Use to get pissy because I couldn't drink and wasn't drinking but doing the same stuff because he was and getting tired of being a DD.So I have been doing my own thing lately, even if that means staying home to read a book.Going outside my comfort zone this Friday and trying a new workout craze called Zumba, in a park with A LOT of people and I am very clumsy so this should be hilarious.I am also finding out I do have a sense of humour one that doesn't offend anyone. I am actually very boring, but I am trying.Would rather be boring than a blithering idiot who doesn't remember anything she did the night before (talking about myself when I was drinking).
    Take care everyone and hope hope everyone is having a great day!!!

  4. Shopping on line! When sober, I don't buy all sorts of stupid stuff I don't need! :)

    Sending e-mails to friends and colleagues. When sober, I don't sound like a blithering idiot, either! :)

    Spending time with my family in the evening during/after dinner. When sober, I can actually remember what I said the next day! :)

    Watching a few favorite TV shows now and then. When sober, I can actually remember what happened! :)

    I'm new at this and hope I have the strength to be as successful as Emily, Doggielover, Annette, Randy, Mommaof3, etc.

  5. I like that I can look at my watch and know exactly how I have spent my evening...instead of waking up to a call or email from someone I've offended. I tried to rationalize and say that I was a straightforward person, but bottom line...I acted like an a**hole when I was drunk. I am in a wedding on New Years, and I'm already feeling anxiety about not drinking, facing people, and knowing that they will all be looking at me...waiting for me to unravel.

  6. What do I do now for fun???? Well what I thought was fun before is so pitiful!!! I loved to get so drunk I didn't feel anything, or remember anything!!! I was rude and a total butthole!! I was mean and nasty and rationalized my behavior by blaming others instead of taking a good look at myself.

    Now fun for me is

    waking up and filling cozy and comfy in bed with my husband and not running to the bathroom to brush my teeth or be sick.

    riding my motorcycle and smelling the crisp air around me, enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful colors around me.

    being present in the moment and having a meaningful conversation with someone.

    it's fun being a better wife, daughter, friend, pet owner, you name it.

    I love going to a store and knocking something over by accident and not worrying about it, BECAUSE I"M NOT DRUNK!!!!!

    it's fun to go to dinner in Boston and just enjoy being with my husband and not obsessing about when I would be getting a drink.

    it's fun to just say, I don't want to..... and not worrying that I need to because I have to "look the part" ( when I was drunk I would do anything just so nobody thought I was hung over) Now I can just chill and say I want to watch Lifetime TV!!!! Because I deserve it!!!

    I could go on and on, but i think it's just fun to be sober and feel feelings again!!!

  7. guccigirl,
    don't think about the wedding yet, one day at a time, you'll be surprised, you may be worried about it and nobody might even notice that your not drinking. I have 2 weddings in Oct. I'll let you know how I make out and what I do to get through it. If you have a sponsor talk to them, or just keep posting here and maybe somebody will have some good advice for you!!!

  8. Doggielover, you are right...I need to take it one day at a time. I just get overwhelmed because this wedding is a daily topic, and I am a bridesmaid. I am getting constant phone calls about the bachlorette party and all the other activities associated with weddings. I would rather crawl in a hole and hide, than participate in this wedding, but...it is a dear friend of mine getting married, so I don't feel I can decline. (and I've already bought the ugly dress)

  9. I'm enjoying the posts here. I have 21 days and am meeting w/ my sponsor today. I hated AA meetings the first time in ( 3 years and 8 mos. before I relapsed), so have not yet gone to one. My sponsor wants me to do a 90/90, but I'm not jazzed about it. I'm reading several sobriety/recovery blogs, exercising and working the steps w/ my sponsor. Pep talks about meetings needed.

  10. Im 19 and 3 weeks ago i was 4 years clean but i relapsed cause of bordem and the fact that i have come to realize is maybe sobrity is more of a mature thing. I did every possible fun thing you could do in sobriety as a teenager but just as every one else did i got bored and from the post's above it seems that you all are a little older than 19 so theres not much to relate to.So i guess the point is that im thinking about just going back out and that the whole drinking problem thing was just a faze. Any feed back would be much appreciated. You can call me Nick.

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  12. I get bored, when people around me, start saying they are bored. Go be bored outside of my magnificent life force then. I thangggyou!

  13. I am 28 yrs old and 58 days clean and sober again. I started reading this blog thinking about my upcoming birthday. To the ones who feel sobriety is for "older people" when I first entered the rooms I was 18 yrs old. I got 2 1/2 years of clean time. Then got that same attitude when I was about to turn 21. I ended up going back out almost 8 full years. Diving deeper into my addictions and finding new ones. I wish I could have stuck with the program earlier. But I let my old way of thinking override my commitment to the program. I pray daily I never have to return to that lifestyle.