Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy Does It

In one of my past posts you may have remembered me saying that I am a
one meeting (if not two), one errand, and a little bit of work kind of
chick. Any more than that and I get overloaded. I'm starting to kick
my own ass for it, starting to think that I should be able to do more.
But you know what I really can't, and if I know that and push myself
to do more I will lose my sobriety. My disease sounds something like
this "you should be further along, you feeling overwhelmed is your
fault, just pretend you're okay, with all you have to get done you don't
have time for a meeting." CRAZY!

Today I had way too much on my plate, and I can feel it. So for the
rest of the day... Easy does it. It doesn't mean my day is over, I
have way more to do it just means I'm going to be okay with taking it
easy and leaving what doesn't get done until tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Emily, I can soooo relate to you!!! I call it needing to "regroup". My family laughs at me and they don't "get" why I can't do more but, I can't. And if I do, I drink. Plain and simple. So, allow yourself the luxury and "regroup".
    Love to you.

  2. I remember my first year I spent much time on thinking God I wasted alot of time, I should be further along, I coulda had a career by now wa wa wa and one of my dear older friends looked at me and said "thats why they call it wasted" So the time and talent in the past may have been, but now in my recovery I went to school, I have a career, and another job, and I've always went to meetings...Hang in there this is just another step in your recovery...Good luck, prayers and blessings in your job hunt. Just think of it as part of your recovery we must be self supportive through our own contributions. Practice the principles in all of our affairs...Much Love