Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All or Nothing

Caffeine is OUT OF HERE!

As I'm sure is the case with many of you, I am an all or nothing girl. I have decided to stop drinking caffeine. I am convinced is worsening both my depression and my anxiety. There is no "cutting back" with me it is either drink it or don't. I weighed it out and my mental health is more important than caffeine.

But this morning I wasn't so sure of that. It felt like shit not having my morning coffee. But I know in a few days it won't, so I'm going to hold on to that.

No drinking, no smoking, no caffeine....What's next?

1 year old

Today is 1 year old.

Happy Birthday special blog. May you spend many more years doing the
work that God intends you to do!

I <3 you!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Never, ever, ever give up!

'Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a
series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the
obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the
ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of
the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your
ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.'

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Easy Does It

In one of my past posts you may have remembered me saying that I am a
one meeting (if not two), one errand, and a little bit of work kind of
chick. Any more than that and I get overloaded. I'm starting to kick
my own ass for it, starting to think that I should be able to do more.
But you know what I really can't, and if I know that and push myself
to do more I will lose my sobriety. My disease sounds something like
this "you should be further along, you feeling overwhelmed is your
fault, just pretend you're okay, with all you have to get done you don't
have time for a meeting." CRAZY!

Today I had way too much on my plate, and I can feel it. So for the
rest of the day... Easy does it. It doesn't mean my day is over, I
have way more to do it just means I'm going to be okay with taking it
easy and leaving what doesn't get done until tomorrow.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's in Gods Hands

What a long, crazy, scary day.

Today I helped a friend out with her son. You see he's an addict and he needed a Middle Mom, one that loved him, but was removed enough to be hard on him. I'm not really sure how I did, and living in her shoes for even a few hours today was horrible. I get now how easy it is to say "Just throw him out, and let him hit bottom" but you know what, when you love them and they're doing a drug that kills you, tough love isn't as easy as it seems. I am very proud of his Mom, she was strong and because of it he's in detox right now. What happens from here is up to him.

Then I had a date night with Gavin, and thanked God for my life.

Popping in....

I had a CRAZY day, and will tell you all about it when I get home from date day with Gavin! Hope every one had :) 's today!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Key West Dream Vacation

The KEY WEST DREAM VACATION- everything but alcohol- December 6 - 13, 2010 Come along with us on an week long island journey to imagination in Paradise! Experience the very best that Key West has to offer...dine with the locals, find adventure on the high seas, learn how to cook like an islander, enjoy glorious sunsets..., and, of course, meet some colorful characters! Relax in the lap of luxury, and learn what "Island Time" is all about! An experience guaranteed to live in your heart and mind forever!
for more information visit.....

Sobriety Sunday

I love that you guys checked in on the post below (keep it up!) It helps me know what to write about, what to focus on.

Today lets talk about the first year in sobriety. I journaled a lot my first year. And I am so glad I did. When times get tuff I can look back at those journals and not matter how tuff it is now, it's nothing compared to that first year.

I remember walking around with this uncomfortable feeling all the time, but I stayed sober and I walked through it, and eventually it went away. I spent a TON of time on my knees in my first year. Which reminds me getting back down on them would do nothing but good. I do it sometimes, but nothing like the constant surrender I did my first year.

I guess the whole secret is that you have to push your way through it (Pray until something happens) nomatter what don't drink and take the suggestions of the sober people who have gone before you.

Enough from me. Im off to my meeting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roll Call

Okay... we had almost no comments today which means one of a few things, you guys have decided you don't like me anymore and found some other place on the internet to go hang (such an alcoholic thinking about myself first), or maybe you're busy having fun (I hope) but maybe you're sitting in pain, alone, not wanting to tell anyone how you feel. I've heard lots of times that's our disease way keep us sick. I know when we're in an ugly spot the last thing we want to do is reach out. But keeping it all to ourselves just makes it worse.

Hi, My name is Emily and I'm feeling better, despite the hot weather. heheh, J/K

No really, I'm feeling so much better. When I close my eyes and feel my feelings, the feeling I feel is content. For that I am grateful, its been awhile.

K, now your turn.........

"It's not always easy, but it's always worth it" (tm)

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Bow Wow Breakfast at Buzzberry

Today I helped run the Bow Wow breakfast at Buzzberry. Yup, it's as cute as it sounds. Taking your doggie out to breakfast...darling right!? It really was! Poodles, Great Danes, and Bull Dogs a like gathering together for a morning of doggie omelets and playtime, while their owners enjoyed their coffee and breafast. A win, win for everyone! Sooo cute!

Here are some of the dog loving business that came out to support the event. Thank you guys!!

Oh my Dog
Paw Posse
Modern Pet Furtography
Pup Tent

Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost to tired to Type

I am sooo tired. Who knew coming out of a depression would be so exhausting. Laying on the couch for 3 days depressed can really set a girl back! I had some serious catching up to do.

I do have some great news car is fixed. (thank you guys for helping!!) Thank God! Not driving again was really hard. I had flash backs of he 2 years of not driving... Normally when I start to get depressed I go to like 3 meetings a day. But this time with the car not working I gave myself permission not to, which almost turned in to an ugly check yourself in mess. Then I finally called my sponsor who honestly in 1 hour help me put my life back together. And yes, I have thought um....why didn't you call her on the first day you stared to go down...nope, she would have given me the solution...and I was way more into sitting in my own self-pity. yuck, yuck, yuck. Glad it's over!!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!
"It's impossible" says Reason
"It's reckless" says Experience
"It's painful" says Pride
"Try" says Dream
"It's possible" says FAITH

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deborah's Story

By Tracy L Geivett (this link is now working!)
Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless

This story is told to me by my very good friend Deborah who has a heart of gold and a winning combination of tough love and compassion. May you all be so lucky to know a Deborah.

Her story takes place in The Zone in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The year is 2003 and having spent the better part of the day chasing and satiating her crack habit, Deborah found herself hungry and with no money. She headed towards free food with a tad bit of trepidation. Church on the Street set up a meal wagon in a dirt lot in The Zone and served up beans and hot dogs on Saturday nights. The catch? You had to sit and listen to the sermon to get your beans and franks. Deborah didn’t really want to listen to the usual Jesus freak talk but she was hungry. Having grabbed her hot dogs and beans she found a seat, however, before the sermon could even begin a woman with the organization, a lay minister, came up to her and very pointedly said “You’re not supposed to be here, God has other plans for you.” In her crack and hot dog induced haze, Deborah didn’t think much of it as she finished eating and hit the road.

The Zone was where Deborah chased her crack habit with a vengeance. Two weeks after her Church on the Street meal she found herself in front of the old building that used to house the Chaplain’s office on Jefferson Street. Not too deep into her crack created fog she noticed with some alarm the woman from the dirt lot approaching her rapidly, ‘So I see you’re still here, I told you God didn’t want you here,’ she pulled out some oil, presumably holy, and made the sign of the cross on Deborah’s forehead and told her pointedly, ‘Get ready because you’re leaving here soon.’ A bit creepy for sure but not enough to be the catalyst for change, however, the stage is set.

Weeks later, once again hanging, this time on Jackson Street, Deborah made the mistake of pointing the way to a crack dealer; her kind assistance in aiding an undercover cop found her handcuffed and taken to jail. She pauses here as she tells her story and mentions that the minute those handcuffs went on, she knew her life changed, she just didn’t realize the direction it would take her.

Finding herself in the not so luxurious surroundings of a jail cell, Deborah lay on her top bunk paging through the only reading material available, the Bible. Thumbing through and reading passages she asked God to give her a sign, ‘If you’re real, SHOW ME!’ Almost a defiant dare I’d say.

She tells how the inmates would attend jail church just to break up the monotonous routine of their days. In telling the story, she remembers jauntily entering the room where worship was held. Looking around for a seat, she settles in as a woman startles her by swiftly approaching and telling her “Hey you! God told me to tell you He’s real”. The chills I got at this point of Deborah’s story are nothing compared to the very tangible chills Deborah experienced in the jail church that day.

Deborah’s crack habit earned her 3 years in Perryville Prison for Women where she worked hard at winning the fight with her addiction and bettering herself with education. Deborah had plans, goals and the grace of God. Her life had changed.

Upon release from Perryville with no family and nowhere to go, Deborah went back to The Zone; this time to use the services meant to move her forward. She stayed at CASS, the Central Arizona Shelter Services homeless shelter located right smack in the middle of the crack cocaine highway of Phoenix. While staying at CASS for six months she rebuilt her ‘life’. She obtained her birth certificate, her social security card, her GED and her Commercial Driver’s License and more importantly she found the strength to stay clean.

She used all the services available to her and moved into her own apartment. Having procured a job driving truck she drove from Arizona to California on a daily basis. Life was so much better than she thought it ever could be but God had yet other plans for her. With the sky rocketing prices of gas Deborah was laid off from driving truck in 2008.

The search for other employment was dismal and she called on her old friend Chaplain Dave. As God had intended all along of course, there was an opening at the Chaplain’s office for an Administrative Assistant.

From one side of the desk to the other...

You see, Chaplain Dave knew Deborah for many, many years. He knew her when she was on the street feeding her habit, he saw in her at that time extraordinary riches that danced just out of reach. Deborah ponders how she ended up back in The Zone under such different circumstances; she see’s acquaintances from her days of using who are still in the haze of their own addictions. She tells how she was worried that being around the persistent demons on a daily basis would lead to again picking up the crack pipe. She shared with tears how hard it was and how she just didn’t understand what God wanted from her.

God brought Deborah back to The Zone to make a difference in people’s lives; I get to watch it every day, front row seat to miracles! I have watched this woman know instinctively what a hurting person needs, be it tough love or a kind word. She has pulled out all stops to make sure a young woman has a bed to sleep in or a young man scared to death is put into the right hands at another agency to make a difference. I’ve seen her chew out more than one person struggling with addiction who tried to tell her they couldn’t do it. Boy golly! Now that’s something to watch! Don’t tell HER you can’t do it! She will pull you right into her life story and you are ‘stick a fork in me‘ done. She understands the hardship but is a walking testimonial to overcoming and not only surviving but thriving! More than once someone has returned to the office to show her their one month chip or tell her they are working hard at turning life around, that they are clean and sober.

It’s plain to see why God wants Deborah back where she started; He worked miracles for her and now works miracles through her. I’m so lucky to have a front row seat.

Checking In

Today was a better day that I've had in awhile. It is amazing to me that after doing the work that I was sitting on for like 8 months how much freer I feel, like a magical blessing that comes with willingness.

I shared at my Women's meeting tonight. The topic I picked was not sitting on the steps. Everyone though that was funny. So do I, now that I'm off my ass and happily climbing the steps again:)

Here's to being back on track!

Taking my own Advice

Today I am taking a big dose of my own (and others) advice....

-It gets better, I promise.
-One day at a Time
-It's progress not perfection
-Don't give up before the miracle
-Don't drink, not even if your ass falls off
-In with God, out with craving

Come on guys, there's like a 1000 more. Share your favorite one liners!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talk, talk, talk

I spent all day in the house today. All by myself. I didn't go to a meeting and I didn't spend much time on the phone. Then poor Beau got home. As we were eating dinner I was totally like blah, blah, blahing. He was a like "Wow, Mom you have a lot to say tonight." Poor kid:) But he listened, and even seemed a bit interested. He is turning into such an amazing young man. And after last years shenanigans I couldn't be any more grateful.

Today was a down day for me. The goal in sobriery is not to get to up or to down, it's all about balance. So when I feel myself getting to far down it's scary. So tomorrow I am meeting with my sponser, who is a perfect mix between a strict Mom, and a loving caring Grandma. She is one of the biggest blessings in my life. And I would go on and on about her, but she'd kick my ass.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Thank you

First of all I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the donation that came in. Words can't describe how much it meant to me. I am trying really hard to stay out of a funk through this, and that totally helped!

I keep on getting asked if there is any way to donate anonymously, I just got off the phone with paypal and I'm sorry to say that there isn't. But I can tell you this, I am the only one who see it. And I can promise you that I take what people email me very seriously and very confidently.

My prayer is that it is fixed and back on the road by Monday when I have to drive Gav. to school, and speech, and footbal and...........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in Sobriety

I'm not really having a whole lot of that, fun that is, not at all. but my God am I willing too. You see I don't really know what I like to do sober, I don't really know what I consider "fun". At least not yet.

I do know that I like golfing, darts, camping, and bowling....but that's about all I've tried in sobriety. If all goes as planned though I will have a life time to figure it out!

What are some of your favorite fun things to do in sobriety?

Keep it Simple

"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. -Mark Twain

Sometimes it does no good to try to "deal" with our feeling. For the moment, we're stuck. We can only see things one way. No matter what anyone says, we're closed up. For the moment, but this puts our sobriety at risk.

How do we stop self-pity? Focus on someone else. When we really want to help someone else be happy, we'll ask our Higher Power's help. Then things start to change, because our good deeds always come back to us. Remember, service always keeps us sober.

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power sometimes I get stuck in my old ways. Help me change my focus at those times. Help me stay sober.

Action for the Day:
I will think of a time when I was stuck in bad feelings. How did I get out of that spot?

{Keeping it Simple-Hazelden Meditations}

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spreading the Dis-ease

I'm not going to share much tonight as I feel that I would be spreading my dis-ease instead of a positive message.

But here's a quick list of things to do besides getting drunk...
  1. Pray
  2. Read a book
  3. Take a walk
  4. Eat something yummy
  5. Take a bath
  6. Go to a support group
  7. Go to bed:)

The Fuel Pump Fund

I need a new fuel pump. I am not taking it well. I refuse to let this be the thing that breaks this camels back, so I'm off to a meeting.

Please feel free to donate to this cause:)

Glancing Back

emilyism Sometimes it is necessary to glance back at our past to remember where we came from, and where we don't want to return to. But just a glance morbid reflection does no one any good. 

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I am in a much better place today. The car
still isn't starting, but Gavin comes home from Seattle in a few,
which makes me :)

Something dawned on me this morning... Here I am complaining about
having a broken car when I went the first 2 years of my sobriety
without driving. How quickly we forget what we've been through. As
important as it is to be on a forward path, it is equally important to
remember where we came from. So today car working or not I'm going to
try and stay in gratitude.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


emilyism I need a fuel pump. It's always something. I normally take it like a champ, but today "it" can screw off!

The above tweet pretty much explains my attitude today. Self-pity at it's finest. I can feel my dis-ease screaming at me. You deserve to be angry, nothings going your way, don't talk to anyone about it, it's okay to not got to meeting, and not to call my sponsor...what I have learned is that I have a choice today about how long I want to sit in my own crap. So I'm off to pray and call my sponsor. I'm in a bad spot and sitting alone at home hiding from the phone is my disease trying to take me back. Today I'm not going to let it win. Will update with my attitude adjustment in a few:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Keep on Going

I guess that's the best way to describe what I'm doing these days. Keep on going, it's not like giving ups at choice. I know that may not sound very positive, but it's about 100 times better than what I use to do during hard times....which was stir up as much drama as I possibly could and then blame it on everyone else. Drama, drama, drama. I created my own drama and drama for others while dealing with nothing that was actually on my own plate.

Now I know that no matter whats going on at least I'm not the one stirring it all up and making it worse. If I pray, and I'm patient, and trust that God can and will take care of it, the solution always comes. Usually right in the nick of time, Gods funny like that:)

Putting my Baby on the Plane

The reason I didn't blog yesterday is I was getting Gavin ready to go see his Grammie in Seattle for her 65th Birthday. It was his first flight alone and I was a bit off center about it all day. A ton off things had to fall into place yesterday to make it all good, and they did. GO GOD!

Thanks Annette for guest blogging! You Rock!

UPDATE: Gavin has arrived safe and sound and is having a great time!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry this is coming out so late, but I’ve been running from football field to football field tonite. This is Annette, “guest posting” for Em today. Today I am celebrating 9 months of sobriety…never thought it possible or imaginable. As some of you may know, I’ve also begun my Step 4, which for those unaware is “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”….I know - sounds scary doesn’t it. Well, it sure was for me…I have been avoiding it like the plague for some time now…because I was totally afraid to take a real-hard, deep, honest look at myself…into myself….I didn’t want to face it. But the quote below from the 12 & 12 was sent to me yesterday morning and it spoke to me loudly:

All these failings generate fear, a soul-sickness in its
own right. Then fear, in turn, generates more character defects.
Unreasonable fear that our instincts will not be
satisfied drives us to covet the possessions of others, to lust
for sex and power, to become angry when our instinctive
demands are threatened, to be envious when the ambitions
of others seem to be realized while ours are not. We eat,
drink, and grab for more of everything than we need, fearing
we shall never have enough. And with genuine alarm at
the prospect of work, we stay lazy. We loaf and procrastinate,
or at best work grudgingly and under half steam.
These fears are the termites that ceaselessly devour the
foundations of whatever sort of life we try to build.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Copyright © 1952, 1953, 1981 by
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., page 49

After reading this, I started looking at my “fear” of doing my Step’s been running around inside my head for around 3 months now…and I realized that I have been doing exactly what the quote says we will do if we sit in fear and don’t face it. I’m not gonna go into specifics, but I was doing many of the things described above…I was searching dark alleys for more, more, more…for anything that would cure my “soul-sickness” as they call it. And I wasn’t searching for any relief in the rooms of AA. After chasing many crazy avenues…I kind of gave up - I became lazy, slept way too much, procrastinated in every area of my life and soon found that I wasn’t “truly” in recovery…I was in a dry-drunk mode…I wasn’t working my program. After reading this yesterday, I realized that I’m not gonna find myself, peace, serenity or happiness until I face my fears, my defects, my wrongs…and the only way to do this was to do Step 4. I sat down yesterday because I was starting to feel that everything I had achieved and worked for in my sobriety was starting to really feel meaningless.

Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was a tough day….but I have started….and believe it or not, it wasn’t “all that bad”. I still have some work to do, but I just wanted to share with you that sitting in that fear too long can totally destroy the better life you’re attempting to build in recovery. If I could turn back time, I would have began work on this 3 months ago and saved myself a lot of agony & depression.
Even if you’re not in AA, you might think about doin a little writing assignment about yourself….it’s truly amazing how much you can learn when you sit down and take that deep-hard look at yourself…inside yourself…I have found it to be very therapeutic and relieving.

And oh boy….do I have a lot of things I need to work on J

Hope you can take “something” from this and thanks for letting me post Em!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not Feeling it

I'm sorry I'm updating so late today. I just don't feel like sharing
today. I'm really uncomfortable right now. I feel a bit like I'm
crawling out of my skin. Which sucks! The good news is I no longer
think about drinking over it. (smoking maybe, but not drinking) It's
crazy, I almost never think of drinking. That's what I mean when I say
it gets better. 2 1/2 years ago alcohol consumed my mind, body and
spirit. It was all I could think about. And today drinking sounds like
nothing but a stupid idea.

If you're just starting your journey hold on, don't give up and it
WILL get better!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Defend and Don't Explain

I have lots to say about this today, which shows me I should say nothing at all:)

Okay so I'm back on track now. I totally took something personally today that I shouldn't of. It knocked me all out of whack. My first reaction was to defend myself. But I learned early in sobriety not to defend or explain. Most alcoholics and addicts spent years defending their crappy behavior. I sure as hell did. But sober I have learned that defending and explaining myself is actually starting an argument. Not doing it has taken a lot of practice, especially when I feel under attack.

I did okay just leaving it alone today, but am bothered by the fact it even bothered me. I'm a such a work in progress!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

I was wondering if you guys knew how important you are to me, to my life, to my sobriety. There were days that the loving people on this blog (yes you) kept me going. Without you there were days that I wouldn't have gotten out of bed. Without you I would have no clue that what I was doing was even reaching or helping anybody. Thank you.

There are days that the way you love and support each other takes my breath away. You are amazing! Thank you.

When I describe my blog I say that it is a little about me blah, blah, blahing, but mostly about the amazing commenters that love and support each other. And that is the truth, you guys make this blog what it is. I love you.

Thank you!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Today at work I saw an amazing act of kindness. Here's the thing about my work...acts of kindness happen all the time -me working there for one- but today one really touched my heart... in a BIG way.

A sweet older lady walked in this morning and Buzzberrys owner Kate went up greet her. She asked how the lady was doing and the sweet lady shared that she was crying. Why is private, and why doesn't really matter...but what Kate did next does. she got the lady and herself some coffee and sat down to enjoy their morning coffee together. She had like a million thinks to do, yet she put them all aside to give this dear lady her undivided attention. It was beautiful.

When I told her that I was going to write about it she seemed a bit surprised, she said "It just seemed like the right thing to do."

Imagine if we all made a conscience effort to treat people, all people the "right" way. To give them a minute of our time, and our love. God, it would be amazing. Would we not then be much closer to world peace?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Talking to another Alcoholic

Yesterday it took me about 20 minutes to turn off my shitty committee. You know what I did? I called another alcoholic. Come to find out most of us have a "perfection" complex. It's never enough. Just telling someone, and hearing that they understand where I was coming from, totally took the power away from it.

Everyone, even me forgets that WE ARE NOT ALONE! That crap running through our heads that makes us think and feel like were crazy...that's just alcoholic thinking. Talk to another alcoholic and you'll see quick as can be that you are not alone.

-Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you that you aren't sick-
We truly do need each other!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm up

I'm up and ready for work in the first time in like even. I am to tired to have any actual emotion. Really, I'm tired! But feel super blessed for the opportunity.

I am soooo sending God through the door first!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to work

I am going off to work tomorrow at the super rad local coffee shop Buzzberry. I hardly know how to order my own coffee, so I'm a bit nervous. But you know what? I said yes, I said yes because i's simply time in my life to face my fears and cherish the opportunities that are presented to me. I feel honored to of even been asked, it is a really neat, special place.

And if the name sounds familiar it's because they're one of our advertisers. When I stared emilyism they jumped on board, you don't forget the people who believed in you from the beginning! Thanks Buzzberry!!

Kate (the awesome owner of Buzzberry) has okay-ed me doing a monthly Book Club. I was thinking we could follow right along here on emilyism for those of you who live out of town. Any book ideas??

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Friends Computer

I am blogging from a friends computer. It's nice to have show up on the screen what I have typed. Nice to trust that this story won't be deleted just because I rest my hands in a way that my computer doesn't see fit. So today I am grateful to have a friend who will let me use their computer.

I don't have much to say today, I'm a little depressed and frustrated about finances, -still- but besides that I'm doing pretty well. I am off the watch the wildly inapproiate HBO show Hung, whick always puts me in a good mood:)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The "going out" Meeting

K, so tonight I'm going to this meeting that everyone gets all dolled up to go to. It's sorta like a meat market I hear. Totally not my thing, or at least I think it's not my thing. I've never been, so I'll save judgement until after:)

I'm going because I am trying to be a "yes" girl. If someone asks me to do something and it's within reason I'm saying YES! Why in the heck not. Sobriety is all about learning and doing new I'm game for pretty much anything these days!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Real Rehab Review

For those of you who don't know, I own a really cool website called Real Rehab Review. It is a safe anonymous place for people to share about their experience in rehab, in the hopes that it will make someone elses journey a little less scary. Please take a moment to check it out!

Been in rehab? Write a review. Need a rehab? Read a review.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Lets talk about our Moms. I can't count the times I have heard women having difficulties with
their Mothers. Moms can be tuff. We expect them to be a certain way - supportive and loving at the least- and they often disappoint us. It's hard to remember that they are only human and most of them are doing the best the can with the knowledge they were given.

A wise person helped me get over some of the issues with my Mom, this is what she said "Why every time you call do you expect a different Mom to answer the phone? You're going to get the same one, accept it." and I did, and now everything great:) K... so that's crap, but we've come a long way. She's actually one of my best friends today. I love her and accept her for who she is,which is huge growth. Now that's all I have to say about that, as my Mom is my editor. But you all can feel free to vent about your if you want:)

I don't know why the relationship between Mothers and daughters is such a strained one. It just is on both parts I think. But I do know this, my relationship with my Mom (everyone actually) got a lot better when I accepted her for who she is instead of who I wanted her to be. I love you Mom!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who am I?

I've been going through a stage where I'm asking myself...Who am I sober? What do I love? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? Who am I?

Here are a few things I know I love...

My kids, my kids, my kids, my family, fabulous flip flops, sexy high heels, hot tubs, swimming, playing UNO, camping, Jesus Christ, reading, praying, dancing, being sober, meeting new people, Charming Charles, honesty, my iPhone, clean laundry, sushi, bowling, blogging and knowing all the words to the song:)

What about you?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Giving Up

I have a really good friend who gives me amazing marketing advice, I in return am a royal pain in his ass...I listen, but I rarely take any of his brilliant suggestions. The other day he told me to call his Mom, who is the owner of a successful, fabulous magazine. I think it was his way of saying...Maybe since you don't listen to me you'll listen to my Ma- Which I totally did. I felt honored that she gave me some of her time. And it was wonderful talking to a women who took her passion and turned it into a business. She gave me a lot of great things to think about. Thanks Patty!

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