Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacationing Sober!?

Let's admit it, the thought of vacationing sober is odd at first. I don't know about you, but to me vacationing sober seemed almost ridiculous. My vacations up until sobriety completely revolved around alcohol. Another excuse to drink even more than I already did. I remember my first one, it was painful, I had the idea that I was going to be leaving my alcoholism at home, no such luck...I had to find an emergency meeting. I'm better now at findings meetings before I go, but sometimes that harder than it sounds.

So imagine my amazement and surprise when I ran across a travel company that combines fabulous, tropical vacations with sobriety...meeting included!? -sweet right!- I knew the second I saw their website that I wanted them as a part of our team!

So without further ado I proudly present....

Clean GetAway Travel


  1. I'm sorry but totally off the subject. I was told by me husband(Drunk) that since I cant/wont do anything, wont clean, wash dogs, walk dogs,etc..that I should just kill myself I know that a lot more was said but I'm kinda numb right now. WHY would I want to end my life just because this disease has such control of me that I feel so totally worthless, useless and all the other "less-es".The meeting book I found lying around the house really sucks as far as times.Plus I always did enjoy and get more out of NA but the early day meetings don't exists. It's easier to go darning the day while my Love is at work until 2:30. can anyone pass on an AA or NA schedule? The funny part is ,is that I'm in AKRON OH. Ring a bell?Thank you for any help. IT REALLY SUCKS WHEN SOMBODY THATS SUPOSE TO LOVE SAYS YOU MIGHT BE BETTER OFF DEAD...Dig it?

  2. Hi Sue, that is awful to hear I am sure! Was he drunk, or were you? You can go on AA on the internet, click an area close to you, and it will bring you to another website that will have your meetings you can attend. you can search by towns or times or both. Take care of yourself!!

    Emily, I think that travel site is great, I actually noticed it yesterday and clicked on it. I showed my husband and we thought that it was great and safe!! We love to travel so that is very helpful!! Maybe we can all meet up somewhere at some point!!

  3. Here Sue,, just call the numbers or nose around the site, take care of yourself!!

  4. Sue...Time is needed here with the thoughts with your husband... I think that both of you are in need of time off of the drink. I just want you to go to sleep remembering this... God made you, God loves you and God has a plan for your life ! Too simple perhaps for some but they are the truest words ever !!