Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Staying in the Moment

I went to Beau's open house tonight. He's a sophomore in High school and open house is one of the only times your actually invited into their classrooms, so I always go. He went with me, it was really sweet of him...he so didn't have to. As we were walking from class to class I noticed that he's getting a man adams apple. It's crazy to watch him turn into a man right before my eyes. I get the importance of staying in the moment, I lost enough moments with my kids, I'm not willing to lose anymore. No matter what's going on in my life, or how I'm feeling staying in the moment and in gratitude always makes it better.


  1. I know exactly what you're sayin here. I spent too many nites "unavailable" to my boys...and I never want to be that Mom again. I too went to my youngest's back to school nite last nite...sober. That was another first to me. Last year it was a "social reason to drink"...what kind of thinking is that??? No other parents had a few cocktails before they went, but oh I did...I needed the boost to be "social" and "funny"...looking back on it now, I most likely offended others and made an ass outta myself. Staying in the moment is really working for me right now...it's keeping me sober, along with my group, sponsor and HP...I am grateful for this program...before it, the only thing that kept me sober for any amount of time, 10 months each time to be exact, was being pregnant....and I don't plan to live the rest of my life pregnant...haha (had to insert some humor). I have lots of "moments" to live for, but today, I'm just living for today. I realized something the other nite at my meeting, and this is a bit off-subject, but...I have either been high or drinking all but 8 1/2 months of my 16 year marriage...this has put some of my concerns about our "different dynamic" into perspective...we've never been a "couple" with me sober for any long period of time. It will be interesting to see how we grow or don't grow back together.....but it is definitely "different" right now. I think it's because his role was to always pick me up and try to fix me...and he doesn't have to do that anymore...sorry, I'm babbling, just tryin to get some of these thoughts in my head out...anyone else have "different" marriages after becoming sober - good and/or bad? Share if you would....I need to hear others stories about this.....many in my homegroup have gotten divorced AFTER getting sober...I never thought that would be the case with the majority of people, but it sure seems to be. You'd think that getting sober would make everything better....well, I guess sometimes that is just not the case. Hope everyone has a great day!

  2. Such a special moment for you! He is definitely a young man now! My son's godmother noticed at church this week that he's starting to get the wider shoulders of a young man (not a boy anymore)! Somehow living with him every day I hadn't seen it! He turns 12 next month... it's all going by too quickly.

    I missed his 5th grade graduation because I was too hung over to get there on time that morning. I've always felt horrible about that. Thank you for the reminder that we need to cherish all the moments we have before our kids are off to college and we, as parents, are in the rear view mirror (at least for a while). :)

  3. Hey Annette, I here you on the whole sober marriage thing. It is strange, I always thought my problems were because of MY drinking. I think they have to adjust to us being sober and dealing with our feelings that we are starting to feel. I know I have been so annoyed with my husband lately. He was finally!! Diagnosed with ADD, I have been telling him for years!!! Being sober I am trying to get my stuff together and he is still all over the place, but he is seeing a therapist and a Dr. I think i just want to deal with my stuff sometimes and not have to handle or take care of his. I am happier in my marriage, but I feel I am changing a lot. He is trying, I just hope we keep trying together. When he gets in his "moods" I used to drink. Now I confront him, or I just go and take care of myself. Life is never easy, but it will all work out!