Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

I just worked really hard on a post that my computer then deleted. So I guess we should talk about being on a "dry drunk" because after that happened I had a fit and hit the keyboard which broke a key. Like my computer isn't a big enough piece! I'm off to pray, go to a meeting, and write a gratitude list.

How is your Sunday going?


  1. Emily, I understand your "pain". I have had a number of "dry drunks" myself. They are on the level of a huge hangover. As always, your and my main goal for today is to stay sober and I know we will. My Sunday is good. Going to church and being sober for about 3 years, because I can remember going to church with alcohol on my breath. Pray your day gets much better. Wish I could have read your post that was deleted. I look forward to them.

  2. Hey Emily, Hope your day has improved. You can always type your posting on your computer with word or something and then copy and paste. I took a class this summer and had to post on a chat wall. I thought I wrote a "brilliant" post, then I lost it, LOL!!! I was pissed, so I feel your pain. Sometimes crap just happens. I hope it gets better for you!

    Just went to see a friend who I met when I first went into AA 4 months ago. She has been in a rehab for about 30 days and she looks AMAZING!! I am praying for her because she has some really tough choices ahead of her. I really like her a lot and I feel close to her, even though we hardly know each other, it is just a nice connection we have. Please keep her in your prayers everyone, there is hope!! Lots of support and love to you all!!

    I hope your computer behaves Emily!!!!

  3. I've actually had a fairly nice Sunday, but feel, just strange, today would have been 90 days, I blew it 2 days ago, cunning, baffling, and powerful, that's for sure, I was trying hard that day to do everything I was supposed to, knew I was backed in a corner, but still made the choice, no matter what kept ringing in my head, but I did make the choice to ignore it, was not any fun, my husband and older son knew, I know I am still on the right track, and will do my best not to beat myself up about it, just get back to the work, I'm still baffled by this, it was definitely one of those angel on one shoulder, devil on the other experiences, and look who I let win, but tomorrow is a new day, I am really trying to stay positive.

  4. Robyn, your doing the right thing, your getting back on track. It is so hard when you feel pushed in a corner. We all have had to start over at some point. This will make you stronger, it will help you the next time you feel week. Have a great day!!!

  5. Thank you so much for the supportive words, I'm feeling better, and I will hold on to what you said about making me stronger next time, plan on sleeping well tonight, and looking forward to a new day tomorrow, thank God for that! I love a quote I came across about living sober in AA wondering if I'm really an alcoholic, than dying trying to prove I'm not! Take Care!!