Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Matter What

Don't drink, no matter what, not even if your ass falls off. There will be times that life will kick you ass so hard that you may feel you "deserve" to drink again. That's when we hope and pray that the foundation our sobriety was built on solid ground. Mine was, I hope.

I'm going through this little "life's not fair" stage. Now I know for damn sure that it actually isn't, but normally I just take my luck as it comes and remember to be grateful for what I do have. I'm having a hard time with that right now. I feel that my ass is falling off, and I don't know about yours, but my God has a funny way of waiting until the last minute to save it.

Please keep praying that I get the job, sign on new advertisers, get some donations, or win the lottery. Thank you. I love you, Em


  1. Hi Emily,
    I will pray for you and hope everthing works out for you. Maybe putting my energy towards you will help to not remember how much my life sucks right now! It seems like we are both having the same issue. I am living clean and sober and trying to do everything right and it seems like everything is falling apart anyway. Am I drinking, no, do I want to yes and trying everthing to hang on. Just not getting it right now and it seems like everyone is pushing my buttons and want to scream at each and eveyone one of them!!
    I do hope everything takes a turn for you Emily and send all my positive vibes (what I have left) your way.
    Take care ,

  2. Emily, I tried to post for the first time and it didn't show up. Don't know if it's immediate post or delay. I'll try again. Anyway I created Google Acocunt so I could participate. I enjoy your site so much. I have been sober for 2 years 8 months. I pray things will turn out for you. During my sober time there have been times I wanted to drink to stop the pain like I had for so many years but I prayed instead and God handled it. Also remembering my last drunken binge helps also. I don't ever want to be a drunk who can not look after herself. Like you say "things will get better". Hang in there. You have lots of friends praying and rooting for you. Thank you for what you do for us recovering alcoholics. Emily Faye