Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi, I'm Emily

and I am an alcoholic. How do I know? Because alcohol was all I thought about. It may have appeared that I was thinking of my children, or my boyfriend or you, but I was not, I was thinking about my next drink. I planned ever event and every activity around alcohol. I couldn't imagine my life without drinking. I was screwed, and the one thing I had going for me what that I knew it.


  1. I went to see if what I said was there and it wasnt. I dont know what i did wrong? What I want to say is ..I cant get that" But Thats what I do, I drink" thought out of my head.

  2. great post Emily, it is so hard to think of going places and not be sauced up!! I would start by doing shots while my husband was taking a shower so i could be "relaxed" when we went out. Towards the end I was drinking in the morning before work, came home for "lunch" (vodka) went back, came home and drank some more. I would even take metal water bottles to my evening class filled with vodka, I really don't know how I passed. i am thankful i didn't hit anyone while I was driving drunk. I am thankful for my sobriety today!!

  3. I have a family member who has a drinking problem. I was told by a friend about this site. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I am trying to understand what my sister is going through. How do you get someone you love to get the help they need when you have tried everything?

  4. To the anonymous poster-
    I really don't know how you could get someone else to stop drinking if they don't want to. It is so difficult anyway, even when you are the one with the problem and you want to stop so badly. How receptive is your sister to hearing that she has a problem? Has she ever said she wanted to quit? I know it took me YEARS to finally try to do something even when I had suspected for years that I had a problem.
    Good luck. Maybe she is more ready than you think.

  5. The anonymous poster above is correct. It is very hard to stop, even when you are the person with the problem, you know it is a problem, you can come up with a million reasons to quit, and you want to quit. It is not always just a matter of will-power, there are biological forces in play. If she is physically addicted to alcohol, it could be deadly for her to quit without medical supervision.

    Perhaps you can make an appointment to visit with a substance abuse counselor? Perhaps the counselor can give you insight and advice?

    You are obviously a caring, loving sister. Please do not give up on your sister.