Monday, August 23, 2010

God's Grace

I have some things in front of me right now that are scary and new. I'm having to do whatever it takes to support my family, and the though of not being able to is petrifying. But I know how it goes...if I stay close to God, if I remember my sobriety is the only reason I even have a life, I should be okay. Like it always has before right as I think I'm doomed something amazing happens. God is great!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!


  1. I'm having a fabulous day - celebrating ONE YEAR of sobriety today.

    The last week or so has been horrible, everything fell apart at the same time - but I didn't drink. Sometimes that's all I can do!

    Anyway, God is so faithful and I'm having a great day! Thanks to everyone here for being a huge part of my making it, one day at a time!

  2. Happy 1 year Darcy!!!! Keep on keepin on girl!!!

  3. Hi Emily, Have you ever considered being a Nanny? I am and I make 13.00 per hour. But, depending on where you are, some make 15.00 to 20.00 per hour. Sounds like your boys are old
    enough to get in from school by themselves. It's not always easy but, it's cash and it helps pay the bills. No benefits except that I'm in my own neighborhood and don't work nights so, I can go to meetings. And don't work weekends so
    I can be with my kids and go to meetings. Something to think about. God is in control, I promise!

  4. Hi, Emily --

    If you lived in our neighborhood, I'd hire you in a minute. Anonymous above gave a good suggestion.

  5. Darcy, so happy for you, Way to go!!!