Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun Day

It's Friday fun day and instead of having fun both boys are off doing
their own thing. They are growing up so fast. I'm feel blessed to
even understand and practice the term staying in the moment. Before I
got sober i had NO clue what that meant, I was all over the place. As
for right now I'm staying in the moment all alone though...kinda boring!

Maybe i'll hit a meeting or call another alcoholic to help me get over

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  1. I love being in the moment, enjoy while it lasts, the boys will be looking for something to do this weekend I am sure, have a great night!!

  2. I'm feeling like I want to die! I don't mean commit suicide, i just wouldn't mind if I died. Emily if you feel like some of the things I post are maybe a little too..I don't know, serious I would completely understand and I will keep some of my more serious issues to my self. I want to let you and all the other people that post how much I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts everyday. My sponsor once said that as long as I can get at least one little thing from telling or talking then it's been a good day. I just don't want to be a bummer.I've started looking for work after 3 years so that's something to look forward to. I think it would be better starting off part time, what do you think? But I'm really dreading the " Lets go get a drink after work" That is definitely what I used to do. Any advice without out sharing my personal stuff? I love all of you:~)