Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

Oh heck, I don't know....

I have been thinking about {name withheld} yesterday I cut the last tie we had...It was way easier that I thought it would be, maybe that's what was holding me up from healing. Who knows!? But I do know this, the more I'm thinking about him, the less I'm thinking about God. So I guess these days my goal is to keep my focus on God and my recovery.

By the way if your thinking about your past, or drinking or a lost love or whatever the answer is always God...I know that's hard for some, it's even hard for me sometimes. But I think God is right there waiting for us to come to him with our problems. Give it a try, it's not like we have anything to lose.


  1. I soooo needed this post today Em...think you may know that. Sorry our chat ended last nite - damn tech glitches! Baseball is over and I am now gonna throw myself 100% into my program...I need to, have needed to, for about 4 months now. I'm over 7 months sober and just now getting to work on Step 4. I think it's gonna be hard, hurtful, .....basically awful to sit down and make a list of those that I have harmed/hurt in the past because of my drinking...but I know that it is time to face the music...hopefully once I have it all down & go to do Step 5 I'll feel the relief that so many tell me I'll feel...right now I'm in a little bit of fear knowing that I'm gonna start working on it in a couple of's time to get really honest with myself & that scares me. I'm meeting with my sponsor in 2 hrs & 20 minutes (to be exact)...shows how much fear I have about this. But in order to completely recover & set myself free, I have to face, here goes - wish me luck!!! Hope everyone's having a super sober Sunday!!

  2. You are so right, god is waiting for us to turn it over. It's just hard sometimes when your hurting to believe. I'm learning to believe more!! Have a great day everyone!