Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

Pray it out, I have found myself using this term lately and wanted to explain what it means.

Once in early sobriety I wanted to drink so badly that it hurt...I actually sat on my hands on the couch and prayed it out. I remember bagging God to remove my cravings that day. I didn't know what else to do except pray, and now looking back I know that was a good thing!

I fully get that no matter what I write on here, no matter how I sponsor, no matter how hard I try or what I say, only God and God alone can remove an alcoholics craving for alcohol (or at least that's what I believe) How do you get him/her to do this? You ask, and you keep on asking until it's gone.

Do I still crave alcohol? Not really. Once in awhile I will get a little craving and I can immediately pray it out. I say something like this "God I offer myself to thee, please take this craving away from me."

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Sunday!!


  1. GREAT post Emily! How true. NOBODY but God and God alone can take away the craving. You have to surrender it to Him. You have to give up control and allow Him to take the driver's seat. I remember in the last days of my drinking and using, the desperation that came with it...I remember literally throwing myself onto my bed and sobbing, begging God and begging my Dad for help...that I couldn't do it anymore. It was shortly after that I had checked myself into detox and started my recovery process, with a few bumps along the way, which is to be expected. God heard my cries. He was watching over me and my Daddy was watching over his baby girl. God is Almighty. If our God is for us, what could stand against? Nothing. There's a great song by Chris Tomlin called "Our God is Greater." Seems very fitting for your topic. If you have some time, you should check it out on youtube. The worhsip band played it in church this morning. The song really empowers me. It gets me all fired up! And that is a great quote. I like it. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday too. Take care.

  2. I love this blog! thank you all for being so open and honest.
    For the last few years, I've been blessed with a small group of women that invited me to a Wednesday morning Bible study. Our "family" consists of five godly women, and me. this past Friday, one of our gals went home to be with the Lord. This has got me thinking about our Fall Bible study and how will it be without our friend Pearl (and she was a pearl), and with a recent job change (for the better) how will I even make it to Wednesday morning Bible study and God put it on my heart to "pray it out"!!! God is so great, He will work it all out, I'm confident of that. Just wanted to share that I guess I'm going in the right direction. Peace.

  3. For me it was a VERY Sobering Sunday. My husband and I have decided to call it quits just shy of 5 years. Both of us have been married previously. Oddly enough I had no desire to drink. Which might be the reason my marriage is falling apart, my husband is losing his drinking partner.

    Em, stay with your principles of having the man pay on your dates. That doesn't mean that you can't treat once in a while, but other than that, he should pay. For you see, this marriage that is ending for me began on I felt, being a professional woman, that I wanted to pay my share...I have paid for almost everything since. BIG MISTAKE! Don't do it!!!

    Last night was quite difficult for me; not really wanting to drink as I stated earlier, however if I am not careful it could raise it's ugly head. I guess I have to give it up to the Lord. As they say closing one door can open another. i.e. a stronger relationship with God.

    Thanks for the Love here...


    Sorry for pouring out my domestic issues here, probably not the place

  4. IowaJules- I am so sorry. How hard it must be for you right now. I also had a tough weekend on the homefront. The good part was that I also didn't want to drink. And thankfully, I realized that, even in the midst of my conflict.

    I wrote a bit about it here:

    Alcohol is so sinster, when we give it the power to be. I'm taking my power back.

    there IS hope~

  5. Hi, all --

    I'm really sorry to hear about the hard weekends both IowaJules and Mommaof 3 had (I went to your blog site that you listed). Emily wished us all to have a wonderful weekend, so it's ironic. But maybe not? For Mommaof3, perhaps this will now get your husband to be sober like you are? If so, then it really was a wonderful weekend for you. For IowaJules, I'm having a hard time figuring out a positive spin on your weekend other than what you already said.

    I am sorry, and I do hope today goes better for you both.


  6. Sorry to hear of the rough weekends....I feel some of your pain...been goin thru some rough stuf of my own laterly as you all know....we'll all get thru these obstacles in life....remember...He never gives us more than He knows we can handle. Hope the week starts off better for ALL of us!!!

  7. IowaJules, I am so sorry for your marriage ending. You are strong, you are letting God's will rule, and that is all you can do. Just don't isolate, when you need something please reach out!!! Your on a new path and after you get through the pain and sadness, you will find your happiness.

  8. Thanks for the positives here; I am and will do fine. Just cannot let myself cry in a bottle of vino, which was my answer previously.

    My friends close by are very supportive and helpful, so is everyone here.


    Thanks again...IowaJules