Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sobriety and our Asses

Okay girls let's talk about our asses. Yes, mine got big when I first went sober. In fact I gained 35 pounds...totally sucked! Seemed kind of unfair at the time, here I was making this huge healthy change and I'm pacing it on??? WTHeck!?! How was that fair? Now looking back I know it was because all I did was drink and never ate. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted my first year. And yes often I ate what made me "feel" better...I would not take back doing that, I am still sober today. A little bit bigger of an ass, but still sober.

At about a year and a half I went on the South Beach diet and lost most of it. I'm okay with not losing all of it, as I now know that I was boardering on malnutrition. My weight does not define me anymore. I go up and down about 15 pounds every few months, I really want to start working out which would probably stop that from happening, but it's never really been my thing. I'm going to have to pray for the willingness!!

When it comes to food if a chocolate bar is going to curb your craving and stop you from taking a drink, EAT IT! Eating healthy and working out are life long goal. I guess I see them as things we'll always be working on:)


  1. Hi Emily! I have to tell you that I don't remember if I gained weight from becoming clean and sober or if it was the medication I was on. I'm sure it was a combination but the antidepressant I was on caused me to gain 40-50 lbs. Back then, I was 120 lbs and I gained all that weight. I went off the medication and I lost it all fairly quickly without having to do much. I have had several issues with my weight going up and down but mostly due to all the different medications. It's mostly been weight loss, which I'm okay with that :) Eating healthy and exercising is important but like you said, if that chocolate bar is going to keep you from taking that drink, then eat it! That's for sure. I have a hard time finding the motivation for exercise. I do know that it's a lifestyle change as is eating healthy. I have been told that you just have to start going to the gym and make it a part of your life and eventually it'll be part of your routine. But it's getting started that is SO hard. I'm not big by any means (130 lbs) but I need to do some toning, and I want to do it for me, not for anyone else. I'm learning to accept myself for who and what I am. I think that is the key to feeling confident. Accepting your body just the way it is is very important, but being healthy is key and I feel that is what us women need to strive for. It just makes us feel better about ourselves, and when we feel good about ourselves, it shows to the people around us. Choosing health is like choosing sobriety. It's a forever journey.

  2. All my vodka consumption towards the end of my drinking career was really starting to show around my waistline in the form of "belly fat"...some say the hardest fat to lose. I believe them now! Once I quit drinking in 12/09, I didn't see an immediate weight change either way, but did find that over the 1st 3-5 months, my weight seemed to increase a bit...the main thing I noticed was that my jeans, shorts, shirts were getting way too tight!

    I decided to finally go get a physical at my doctor's office in early June....mainly to see if I had done any serious damage to my liver, kidneys, whatever else in my body that was being abused by my drinking....the outcome was a 100% clean bill of health as far as no damage done from drinking, but my cholesteral was not good and I was low on Vitamin D. I walked out of that office with a clear, fresh idea in my mind to "start over" for my health. I also had a prescription for Chantix (stop smoking drug), as well as orders to eat healthier, no fried foods, exercise more & be good to your body. I got home & had some time alone with myself & God and decided that I had spent 26 of the past 40 years of my life severely abusing this body that was given me as a Gift from God; God has Saved me sooooo many times over those rough years i.e., drug & alcohol abuse, etc....I owe it to Him & myself to spend the remaining years I have on this Earth not only trying to better myself mentally, spiritually & emotionally...but I need to focus some time on the body God gave me to live in while on this Earth.

    I take my meds everyday, am working to get my cholesterol under control thru bettering my diet, quit smoking (yeah me!), brisk walk/run 6 days a week, leisure/soul searching walk on Sundays (was a great walk with my neighbor whom I ran in to this a.m.), 3-5 days a week do some additional situps, pushups, small weights at home in my living room (you don't have to spend $$$ on a gym membership to get yourself back into shape) and keep on talkin to God throughout all of this - He will lead me in the right direction.

    That's my regimen that I work and it seems to be working pretty well for me. My clothes fit better, (I try to stay away from the scale and "actual lbs. lost") - I like to gauge my weightloss more so on how I "feel" as opposed to actual "numbers in lbs." Sometimes I find myself getting too wrapped around the actual "numbers".

    And if all else fails....God created men & women on this Earth that perform tummy tucks & gastric bypass - hahahaha....had to end with something funny today!

    Have a super sober Sunday peeps!!!

  3. Very happy to hear you have a clean bill of health despite the high cholesterol and being low on Vitamin D. Those can be taken care of with diet, exercise, and vitamins, where as the damage to the liver, kidney's and vital organs are irreversible. That is very good news! I, too, had a physical and blood panel done to check for any damage to my organs, but I didn't do it until a few months ago. For whatever reason, I was more concerned because of the antidepressants I have been taking for 15 years on a daily basis, sometimes on as many as 4 different psych meds several times a day, but everything looked good. What a relief.
    And I hear you on taking care of our body. It is a gift from God and we are to treat our bodies like a holy temple. I still struggle with a little bit of guilt re: how I've treated my body. The guilt and shame are getting better. I not only abused it with drugs and alcohol but I intentionally inflicted burns, 2nd and 3rd degree, that have left permanent scars. Yes, self-injuring is a mental illness and it was a compulsive coping skill to escape the emotional pain. But the scars remain, inside and out and seeing them is a constant reminder of what I have done to this body that God has given me. I think I am more angry with myself than anything. I know He is a loving and forgiving God, full of mercy and grace. Some days I struggle more than others.
    I couldn't agree with you more in that we do not need a membership to a gym to exercise. As you mentioned, there are so many things we can do to be healthier that don't require a gym. I, too, have high cholesterol. I don't eat the best and it's hereditary. I am so scared for my brothers, especially one of them. He is on medication for his cholesterol, but it still runs in the upper 300's. My uncle had his first heart attack at the age of 40. My brother is 32 and has a wife and 5 children ages 9, 7, 5, 2, and 4 weeks. Both have high BP and cholesterol and have since high school. It scares me.
    I need to start exercising more, not only for my physical body, but it helps with depression and stress and gives you more energy and it's good for the heart, lungs, ect...So many benefits. I think I just might go for a little walk while the sun is shining here in Iowa. Thunderstorms are coming in this evening.

    I hope all are having a great weekend!