Monday, July 19, 2010

Self Talk

I want you all to ask yourselves...Would I talk to a friend the way I talk to myself? I have found my self talk to be one of the most important things I have learned in sobriety. If you read my last post you know mine was pretty ugly. The fact is we are ALL amazing, beautiful, talented children of God, we are you guys, that's a fact. So today I want you to be sweet to yourself, remind yourself how strong you are and loved you are by God, by me and if not yet soon, by yourself.


  1. Thanks, Em. Love you too!!!

  2. Self loathing, kind of a by-product of self pity. Don't need either of 'em...
    The last time I really blasted myself on here was when when I forgot a grandson's birthday, #4. Guess what, I did it again with another one. This time I felt bad, called, apologized but did not get so angry with myself. I just wrote them down, & I'll try to do better. I told my step daughter from now on I'm going to send a package in August with all 3 presents & a bunch a stuff & 2 can celebrate again & 1 can celebrate early, they can all celebrate together & call it their Papa Randy birthday.
    Works for me...

  3. Hey, Not sure if you'll see this post so late.. You know there are free website out there that will remind you of b-days.. It all comes on your email. Ask in a post if interested in such a site.. I will look back and put forth the link.