Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today I am grateful...grateful that I know there is life after alcohol...grateful I understand that God is in charge and not me...grateful for the wonderful friendships I am making...I'm just plain out grateful!

What are you grateful for?


  1. Hi Emily, I am grateful for your blog. And I am grateful that God is holding me safely in His arms. I am grateful that I still have something that can be salvaged with my son. I am grateful I survived cancer. I am grateful that I had cancer. I am grateful that I am an alcoholic. I am grateful that I can maybe help just one other person on a cancer journey or journey through alcoholism. I am grateful I have a job. I am grateful I have a clean, cozy place to live and raise my son. I could go on for a very long time, (of course I could, I'm an alcoholic!). I'm excited to read about what others are grateful for. Happy and safe 4th to all!

  2. I am grateful that I am strong enough and that I have enough courage to make the changes in my life that I need to make.

  3. I am grateful I haven't had a drink today -- yet...

  4. This is for Gloria. Gloria, I too, thought I drank in secret. Turns out soooo many folks knew. And the best part, they were soooo supportive of me when I told them. You are in charge of your recovery but, "coming out" really is a good thing! Love to you!

  5. I am grateful for my sobriety and for the freedom I have in discussing my disease with my husband's family....if not with my family yet.....

    Happy 4th!
    There IS hope~

  6. I could write forever about what I am grateful for - I have a wonderful life - great husband of 20 years, job I absolutely love, wonderful daughter, sweetest dog, lovely house, financially stable, good health, and the list goes on.

    However, right now I am grateful to have found the great support and help I need to go at this sober thing again!! I find more strength every time I check this blog. And I need it!!

    Thanks to all of you! I am grateful for you all.

  7. Gloria, I made it through today -- Day #1 -- because you inspired me. I kept hearing this cannot be done alone, that you have to have face-to-face meetings and I'm not willing to do that. So I didn't try. But now that I know you went on your own for almost three years, wow. You have no idea how much I can relate to what you write, including your grateful list above. We are almost twins! (except I have two dogs)...

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow as I struggle through Day #2, and on the Fourth of July, no less...


  8. Anonymous (I'd love to have a name, you can pick any - mine is not really Gloria!!)-
    Glad you made it through day #1 and you can do it! It is possible to do it completely on your own without meetings. I have heard the same thing - that you must go face to face. I was never ready for that. I live in a small town and teach high school - I could not let my secret get out! Besides, my husband thought I quit drinking years ago so why would I now need to go to meetings? I know others will try to say we need it, and maybe we do. But I understand that you can't yet. So let's do this together!

  9. HI, Gloria --

    I'm on board! And you have no idea how amazed I am at our similarities -- I, too, am an educator (at a university) and I, too, live in a small town so I completely understand your desire to not let your secret get out.

    I know others say that our friends, family, colleagues, etc. already know we have a problem, and I think that is true in many situations, but there are reasons why I don't believe that in my case (and I think in yours, as well -- if your husband thinks you already stopped drinking and you've been drinking again, surely he would say something or do something to let you know he knows, right?).

    I do have a couple questions for you: when you stopped drinking about 3 years ago, did you notice any weight loss? My weight is higher than it's ever been (except when I was pregnant, of course!) and I can't stand it. If I could lose 20 - 25 pounds I would be so thrilled, and that's an extra motivator to stop drinking. I cringe when I count the calories I'm drinking. Or did you find that you started compensating by eating a lot of chocolate or other sweets so that there was no weight loss, or possibly even a weight gain after you stopped drinking?

    Second, how did you overcome the cravings? I imagine those are hard at first, but get easier over time. I'm mostly worried about the next few days or weeks. I think once I make it that far, it's going to get easier for me, but I don't know -- I've never gone even a week without drinking (except during pregnancy, when I didn't drink at all and that was effortless for some reason).

    You can call me Kay, although that's not my real name, either.


  10. Kay -

    If you would like, we could use email instead of the blog. You can send me a message at