Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am slowly starting to answer emails. I'll tell you the truth, it's
hard on me guys, as I don't always know what to say.

Lots of the questions you are asking me are answered somewhere on
here, so my first suggestion would be to read through the blog and
comments to see if you find something that hits home for you. My
second suggestion is to comment, to be eachother support system. WE
CANNOT DO THIS ALONE, and why would we want to, it's way more fun with
a super, rad, group of cyber sisters (and brothers;) !!!!

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  1. We CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE, and we dont have to and thats why I really appreciate this web site, Nothing about sobriety is easy for ME at this point, I can only pray for the day it will be easier, but even then I Dont Have to do this alone. Thank YOu so Much for this SIte!!!!

  2. So agree !! I hate how my morning moments are focused and as the day goes on the thoughts to drink to make the day go better hits - some days stronge too many not. BTW... Where is annette?? Wish you well - miss you

  3. I know what you mean anon-my mornings start with thinking today is going to be the day because I am sick and tired of feeling like this. But the day goes on and I start to feel better. Then the end of the day comes and what am I going to do between the time I finish work and a meeting? All meetings here start at 8pm and I can't hold out that long so the cycle begins again.

  4. You are soooooo right Little Emily...
    My wife is / was a full time teacher & class size was always a big issue for her. The more kids, the more baby-sitting, less teaching. That's why I like this blog & my meetings. There are lots of teachers for 1 student, me.
    No one person has all the answers, but all the answers are there when you look for them. "Seek & you shall find". This sobriety ain't easy, but is there anything else more worth the effort??? Best wishes to all...

  5. Well, I came sooooooooo close to "just having one" today! I had it in my hand, carried it upstairs and fought it off!!!! I have been here before. I have done this before. I know I can do it again. Sometimes I think knowing that I have been successful for almost 3 years gives me a false sense of security. I kid myself into thinking I don't really have a problem if I can stop for that long. But, I am creeping back to where I was and it has to stop before it's too late.

    Thinking of this site and knowing I could come here and get support was what kept me from drinking today. I am hoping it keeps working!!!

  6. Gloria - Amazing ! I recall you speaking of a hidden issue - and a hidden recovery - now to come back. You encourage me .. Yes, for health and yes for life.. I share your path and I walk each day saying no to my vice - and yes to health and being here fully. You are not alone in your day when you are challenged - I am too. Let's go another day - I guess it get's easier - :)

  7. Lisa - Thanks - I am the anom. - It is hard as time goes on during the day - I am thinking that I need to actively change my day - my rountine - I need to - It is hard but we must keep growing - the alcohol just keeps me in "stop" mode - I am early at this but I am still sick of it - I have to daily remind myself of how much time this stupidity has taken - too much. Each day sober I feel tempted but I also feel healthier - The war continues - I know it will be my path - I just don't look to far ahead -