Friday, July 16, 2010

Checking in

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" the boys got home
today so were all just hanging! I'm sooo happy their home! They
really are my light! The house is back to looking lived in and were
almost out of food. Feels as it should:)
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  1. I asked awhile ago under the "Veering Off Course" guest post by Annette what she meant when she stated her alcoholism was more than just not drinking. I was having trouble understanding that concept.

    However, I recently stumbled upon something that explains why sobriety does not equal merely not drinking. For some reason it made a lot of sense to me and I'd like to share it with you all: it's a short article that can be found at

    Someone I met through this blog first told me about the "Women for Sobriety" web site, and it's been very helpful to me.

  2. Anonymous - I'm so glad you were able to find an article that better explained what I was trying to convey as I've learned thru my experience(s). Hopefully it will be of help to you.

    Em - so glad you have your boys back! I'm sure you missed them terribly as am sure they did you too! Enjoy them before school starts! I'll call you this weekend to talk about the trip - it's been another crazy week.