Monday, June 14, 2010

That's not the life...

ME: God I'm angry. Why is everything so hard?
GOD: Are you doing things on your own without my help?
ME: Yes.
GOD: Well try my help.
ME: I am tired and worn out and please let there be more peace in the world.
GOD: What is it that is troubling you?
ME: Well, I'm holding onto an old relationship.
GOD: If you let it go I will give you a new one.
ME: I seem to allow myself to get very hurt by my family still.
GOD: Do you bring me when you are in their presents?
ME: No.
GOD: I will help you if you let me. But I need you to let me go with you.
ME: I cried on Christmas and didn't realize that I wanted new things from an old past. I filled my day with plan so I would be safe from not being alone and ended up being lonelier than if I had been alone.
GOD: Did you pray before the day began?
ME: No.
GOD: Was I invited on your journey?
ME: No.
GOD: Pain is a part of life but the life I have planned for you is balanced rather then out weighed by pain. It is your choice to choose, your life or my life for you. The difference is the amount of pain.
ME: I choose the life you have planned for me.

Here is another of my dear friend Merry's writings. This one really hits home for me. I love it, and her!


  1. Love this Em! I agree, I've found that when I shut God out of my life, I start falling back into that yucky me that I don't like at all. That's why I never fail to pray at the first signs of me trying to control things, people and being self-centered. I've found myself falling into this pattern quite a bit lately, but using my AA tools to climb back out helps tremendously! Going to more, different meetings has helped too! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

  2. Where's everyone at??? Did "everyone" go to Hawaii?? Just wonderin!

  3. I know it's pretty quiet around here. How's your day going girl? Great, I hope! Today I hit a meeting, did some pool time, thought about looking for a job and now I'm off to another meeting. GO ME! XO, Em

  4. great post, it really is so true, it's amazing when that when you ask God for help you feel better and it al works out, the way it is meant to be!!!

  5. I'm good Em...did laundry all day, carted boys to/from speed & agility training, to/from choir practice, Nick had a game (we won & Nick made an ESPN style 2 ft in the air catch at shortstop) and I hit a mtg at 6:30 - lots accomplished today and ready for beddy by. Sounds like you had a great day too. Talked w/Tom this afternoon about coming out to see you in see, I am really planning on coming! Hotel or your apt.? Let me know.

  6. My apartment, totally! I am sooo excited for you to come! XO, Em