Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

I'm up, awake and have not forgotten about Sobriety Sunday.

Have I told you guys about my Sunday meeting? It is amazing. The women are wonderful, and like my Thursday meeting we are very close. I wish that for everyone. When I think back to my first year, I didn't have was tuff, and lonely. So if your beginning your journey and struggling to find your place, know that you will, in God's time.

Until then may you find that warm, safe place here. Know that you are loved and that each time you share and comment you are blessing someones heart. That's how it works!



  1. Thank you, for everything. Over the weekend I started looking for a meeting. I kind of chickened out, but will continue to look this week. As time goes by I reallize I need to attend a meeting.
    If it weren't for you, this site and all of the womderful people I have communicated with here it would be way worse for me. Thank yo for everything.

  2. Hi, all --

    Just got caught up on reading everything I missed.

    Doggie lover, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend who was killed by a drunk driver. If I understand your post correctly, it happened on June 17. Also on that day in Maui, a 54-year-old tourist from Colorado disappeared while snorkeling -- they still haven't found her. She was only 150 yards from shore and was snorkeling with her husband and another couple. That really caught my attention when I heard it because my husband and boys did a ton of snorkeling while we were in Hawaii (I learned I basically suck at snorkeling, so only did it one day, even though I had done it years ago and had a great time). And I am getting caught up on reading our local newspaper -- on June 17 a man was hiking alone near his cabin near Yellowstone and was killed by a big male grizzly. Not normal, but especially troubling because that bear had just been trapped and tranquilized by bear researchers. The wife went looking for her husband when he didn't return and came upon one of the researchers, who then went to where they had just left the bear to wake up and found the man's body. My guess is the man stumbled upon the bear as he was coming out of the effects of the drug -- otherwise, the bear normally would have disappeared as soon as he heard/smelled the person coming.

    So what is my point? Because these all happened on that same day and each event was unexpected and sudden, I started thinking that it's best to spend every minute you have sober because you never know when your last minute is going to be. And to spend as much of that sober time with loved ones as possible. Not terribly profound but something I can't get out of my mind.

    Also, Emily, where is Randy? I miss reading his posts. Is he OK? Have you seen him lately?


  3. Hey all-

    Montana- Did y'all have a good trip? Ours was great.....lots of SOBER fun :)

    Today starts our official summer. Mister back at work, vacation over, etc...

    I FINALLY wrote another blog post :)

  4. Hi Montana & Mommaof3, Glad to see you back form your trip. It is crazy how you do have to live one day at a time. Take care everyone and I hope you are all doing well!!!

  5. Wrote a post .. Lost it.. Bottom line.. Where is Randy ?? He was the straight talk person that meant so much to me. Humm. I am sure he is well but moved on.. Peace and sobriety .. our only freedom.

  6. I was going to let Randy update for himself, but I can see that some are starting to worry. He is fine! Life is busy and he is having computer troubles. I'm sure he'll be back when life settles. I miss him also, his wisdom is a much appreciated asset on emilyism!! Xo, em

  7. Glad to hear that Randy is okay!!!

  8. Emily! I just saw you on the Dr Phil show with Mary, and her daughter "kelly
    and I was SO HAPPY to know you have "2" years, I just accomplished my very FIRST YEAR EVER since I've been trying this 'recovery stuff' in 1995! I can't count the jail times, and the numerous detoxes and treament ctrs! I finally was able to reach the "surrender" point, y'know? Now looking back I can honestly say, everything that I have gone through and what I've been through, is what I needed to bring me to this place of willingness, and acceptance. I always saw or figured me out to be a 'failure" due to the countless failed attempts at sobriety, now I am thankful for those experiences, it brought me to a light that shines so bright to let me see, sometimes I have to be reduced to a loweset low, in order to recognize what "up" looks like. And in order to be shaped and molded, brand new, I have to become, like clay, moldable, just learn to have that willingness to go and do whatever is needed or neccessary. If I were told in order to be sober, I need to stand on my head and then do cartwheels that is what I will do! All those other times, in treatment, was just to get a rest, a few minutes off my feet, just enough time to get back into PARTY mode. I never was SERIOUS about stopping, I only wanted a break, yknow? So, I have ONE YEAR after like 1995-2009, how many years is that?But, I wouldn't change anything cuz it brought me here, just where i am meant to be! One day at a time, is ALL I need to live by, becuz that is all anyone has really! I LOVE THAT CONCEPT!
    Life is so GOOD, GOD is so GOOD, Sobriety is so GOOD, and even when it is 'bad' it ain't BAD like alcoholism bad, or 'using' bad, y'know? My BAD day in sobriety, recovery, isn't near the BEST day of my drinking/using day! Isn't that how they say it? you know what I am talking about?
    Happy Camping to you! Lovin' Recovery One Day at a TIME!
    In Sobriety~