Saturday, June 12, 2010

People just don't understand

It dawned on me the other day that not everyone in my life understands that alcoholism is a progressive, fatal disease. If I'm not careful and diligent about my recovery, I will lose my freedom, sanity and eventually my life. I wouldn't be sober today if I didn't believe that full heartily.

I shared my frustration with an old timer (someone who has been sober like forever) and she said "They just don't understand and most of them never will, stop trying to make them." I love old timers, always blunt and to the point.

You may find that many of your friends and family member will not understand your disease, at least not right away. That's why you'll read on here over and over again that face to face contact with other alcoholics is super important. It makes you feel less alone, to know you are understood. And I believe that without it you'll stay in the problem, instead of getting into the solution.


  1. I can relate to what you are saying Em. I feel like alcohol is all around and I didn't realize how much people talk about drinking, how much we planned our lives around it to be social. I am lucky enough that my husband really doesn't drink. it helps me a lot!!! When ever we go somewhere we have a plan that if I start to feel uncomfortable I can give him a look and we're out. He understands how hard it is. I haven't really told many people about my alcoholism, so I just have to keep saying no to drinks. I just don't feel like explaining it to people. I guess I will eventually.

    I love the "old times"!! They really do help you to understand that your not alone and that they are there to help you with anything you need. I have lived in the Boston area for about 7 years and I have to say I didn't know a lot of people I felt comfortable with, but since I have been in AA I feel accepted!!! Everyone is so different, but we are all alcoholics and we all are at the meeting to support one another. It's great to see them every week and I look forward to their stories. Reading here is also a great reminder that we all need help and support at different times, it's great that the internet can connect us all!! I love reading about everyone and I love hearing how everyone is doing!!! Have a great day everyone!!!!

  2. Okay, this is such a coincidence that Em chose this topic today...I was telling my hubby at lunch today how much alcohol is an everyday part of almost everyone's life these days...and that I never really noticed it until I got sober. A dad on the team last nite told me my coke would be a lot better if I had some Captain in it. 3 parents tonite were pretty lit at the game (our game didn't start until 11:00 p.m., just got home from it, we lost :() And the REAL kicker happened tonite as well. Last weekend in St. Louis, one of my good friends on our team felt the need to share my story (w/out my permission - I'll share details of that whole story later) with a Dad on our team that has been known to get me going and urge me on when I'm drinking. She told him because she didn't want him to do that to me anymore and she was trying to protect me (again, I'll tell that story later)...anyway, when this Dad found out last weekend that I am now in AA, he told her he felt really, really bad because he had been drinking like a fish in front of me the nite before. Evidently, he got over feeling bad, and "forgot" I am now in AA...he's pretty lit at the game tonite and he comes up to me and tells me that I need to be careful when I pick up my baseball bag because he put something in it and it is in a glass container. Well duh...I know what it's a fucking bottle of vodka...REALLY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I actually laughed at his utter lack of intelligence & common sense.... WTH was he thinking??? You DO NOT put a bottle of freakin vodka in an alcoholic's baseball bag at a baseball game. Some people will never get it....I'm seeing it firsthand already! Nite guys, it's late, I'm exhausted, and just needed to share the story of the dumbass Dad on our team. Back at the ballfields tomorrow at 1:00 - Nick's team is the #1 seed for their age group and Thomas' team lost tonite's 11:00 p.m. game so we are out of the tourney. Btw...this guy's name is Bob and I'm going to refer to him from now on as "Boozer Bob" or "Ball-less Bob" - really....what an incredible dumbass!!! Sorry for all the profanity, I'm just really irked - nite all!

  3. Annette, he is a real JERK!!!! Even if he was sober he would still be an ass!! He obvious thought about giving you that bottle, because he had to bring it!!!

    Acceptance was the topic of my beginner meeting this morning, I can accept that he is an ass!!! I also accept that you or I or anyone else CAN NOT do anything about him or people like him! But we can accept that we are all alcoholics and we will not drink!! Have a great game today.

    Everybody have a great day!!!

    I have accepted that life without alcohol ROCKS!!!!!

  4. Thanks doggielover! Believe me....I accepted a "long" time ago and he is a complete & total ass...and I'm not gonna let his stupidity get me down. I'm on a roll of sobriety & happiness & ain't no one gonna shove me off!!! Nicky's team won the whole tournament - got some great trophies and the entire team/parents went out for dinner & drinks to celebrate - just got home...had a great time, but soooo ready for bed. Nite all!