Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do they know...

The only down side to living in an apartment is there's no place to run away. Today I was on an important phone call and the boys decided that it was a perfect time to beat on each other. It's like they instantly know when I'm on the phone. They can go all day without saying a word, I pick up the phone and -bam- it's on. Very annoying!!

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  1. I'm right there with ya sista! I even TRY to talk to them throughout the day, and they won't talk to me when I'm completely there, initiating the conversation & available.......but they see a phone up to my ear and it's balls out arguments, fights, questions, something they have to tell me "right now", etc. - Maybe if I got one of those earpiece phones that you wear on your ear they would lay off cuz they'd never know when I was/was not on a call - or that could backfire on me and they could CONSTANTLY think I was on the phone and drive me absolutely batty! Hang in there & enjoy them - before long our 4 boys will totally be doin their own thing and goin their own way and we'll be beggin them to come back. One day at a time with them to....that's how I deal with it!