Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gratitude Eradicates Worry

"You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time."


  1. I hear this all the time in meetings where the topic chosen is gratitude. It is so true. Anytime I start to get that stinkin'thinkin' I try to switch to gratitude mode and think of all the things I have to be grateful for. thanks for the short reminder :)

  2. i like this saying, I never thought of it, but it makes perfect sense. When you start to think about how grateful you are, you smile and feel good. When I am having a bad day i should think of 3 things I am grateful for, if I can't change my stinkin "thinkin" I need to call someone or my sponsor!!

    Thanks Emily!! Reading everyones comments always helps me to turn things around!! Have a great day!!

  3. Hey Emily, had a great time yesterday! Hey I was looking and found another great saying, Gratitude Releases Us from the "Gimmes" "If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having." How do you like that one? I like it because it is so true!! :-)

  4. amen, sister!!! Tis true, tis true.


  5. I really like this post, Emily -- thanks! :)