Friday, June 4, 2010

Girls Night...Poolside

Tonight were doing girls night pool side...I'm soooo in need of girl

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  1. Have a great time!! Enjoy your girl time!!

  2. Soooo wish I could be there for girls nite!!! Have fun!

  3. Hey Emily, had a great time both Fri and Sat! Two great "girls nights"!! soo much fun. We need to keep on having these nights although food would have made it much better!! Next time we'll plan it a little bit better, sorry!! Really enjoy reading all these comments, keep them coming people!! They are awesome!! Also love you gratitude saying!! Keep those coming too!! :-)

  4. That is so funny Amy your computers still logged into my emilyism account, good thing I don't have trust issues:) so fun hanging out with you!!

    Annette so wish you could be here! When are you coming to visit?
    xo, em