Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear God,

Please keep your arm over my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.
Thank you,

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I needed a laugh today, thanks!!! Hope God helps you with that, then send him over here, I'm going to see my family this weekend I may need it, LOL!!!

    Have a great night everyone!!

  2. I'm saying this prayer today too Em! I have been in a total & utter control freak mode...I have been trying to control everyone & everything (including my dogs) since Monday. I'm blaming it on being on my 2nd week of Chantix (the stop smoking drug), but nonetheless, I can't let a medication rule my world & actions....My meeting tonite was was about selfishness, self-centeredness, resentments, letting go & letting God...I needed that meeting to make some amends to my boys...I think I dropped the f-bomb about 10 times today - I think they are wondering if I'm Jekyll or Hyde today. Hope everyone is doing least better than me today!!
    Hugs to all ya'll!!!

  3. Thats one i haven't heard before. I love it, and it definitely applies to me lately.

  4. I love the prayer. I too have not heard it before but i find it so hard to keep my mouth shut when I am mad about something. I suppose it is the self centerdness in me. Becoming a sober mother is so much more than putting the bottle down. I have to learn all over again how to control my emotions (as if I ever really knew). It seems I fail more than I exceed in keeping my mouth shut. Anyway, thanks for the prayer, I will be saying this one on a daily basis!