Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dating Sober?

Still not ready, and on top of that it is becoming more and more clear to me that dating sober may be way more of a challenge than I had first thought. It dawned on me that my concept of when you met the right person all discomfort and anxiety would fade away, may be bull...and just maybe the reason it happened like that every time is because I was loaded...crap! Or maybe not, who knows!?


  1. I did have to deal with 'dating' but I was drunk most of my marriage and am now learning to be married sober. it is tough, but it gets better like you say

  2. When I was new to sobriety I found a wonderful relationship like that. It was emediate bliss. Two years later I was beginning the worst devorce I ever seen anybody experience. The two children we had together were the sadest part. Ten years later I was ready to begin a loving relationship. It was scary for both of us. After getting to know each other for a couple months we had our first date. We have been together now for ten years and it is getting better.