Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping Rocks!

I am home from what I must say was the funnest camping trip I've ever had. It was peaceful and relaxing and just what I needed.

I went on this same camping trip the year before last and I remember thinking... "camping sober??? Mmmm, okay, I'll give it a shot." It can be done guys, you can camp and have fun doing it, sober. If it sounds crazy to you, know that it did to me also.

The first time I went I was like 7 months sober, and being out of my routine and eliminate made me a little bit squirrley (uncomfortable in my own skin) but it was also when I realized the amazingness of other sober people. Watching them helping and loving each other without even having to be asked was new and amazing to me. After watching that I knew to a different degree how truly blessed I was.

This trip I could feel myself being the "true me, my "authentic" self, and even though I know that person will grown and change many times in sobriety, it is amazing to actually like her. When I was drinking my behavior was rude, and mean and often unpredictable...I could not stand myself. So it is totally amazing today to be able to say... not only do I love myself, but I actually like and enjoy who I am becoming.

If you are new to the blog, WELCOME! I am looking forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know me and hopefully in the process we will better get to know ourselves. XO, Em


  1. I tried to send u a private e-mail, but can't see the verification code that's required. I'm frustrated here...I've been on your site for hours trying to create an account (I have posted a few comments), to find out how to join a blog, to follow you on Twitter, which was a bust.

    I do realize that you just got back from a camping trip and sure hope you had a wonderful time. When you have time, can you please get back to me? I can always have my husband sit down with me and work me through all my problems, but I was kinda hoping to do this on my own. No big deal though. I gotta get a handle on things.

    Thank you for your time. Leslie

  2. Hi Em! I am new to this blog but not new to sobriety. I'm not sure if you went through some of the older posts that were posted while you were camping, but I share a bit of my story there. (I posted a few times but my first one was under the topic 'offline') I have just over 9 years of sobriety and it is AMAZING! I am so happy to hear you had a great time on your camping trip. Everything is more enjoyable when it is done sober. I wouldn't have said this 9+ years ago. You appreciate things so much more, you see things in a different light, and like you said, you are being your "true self." And being out in God's is just the most amazing, beautiful, serene place in the world, and I know I never thought about the beauty of nature and just how amazing it is when I was drinking. It was all about me and drinking. Life has so much more meaning when you are sober. Everything is so much more clear. I, too, am finding I like myself a lot more, but that even took awhile and that really didn't happen until the last year or so, but that's a whole other issue. I have suffered from a major depressive disorder my entire adult life and then some, as well as self-injury, which are both like alcohol in that you have to take it day by day, but I just didn't reach out for help until I was 20. I fully believe the alcoholism/drug addiction, depression, self-injury was a direct result of losing my Dad to an accident when I was 7. It was a tragic loss and I never dealt with it, never fully grieved and it will be 27 years in Sept. since he's been gone. Many years of pain, but I have managed to stay sober only by the Grace of God. And the depression is under control due to an experimental brain surgery (DBS for depression) which has been a life-saver. Should be FDA approved within the next 3-5 years. And haven't self-injured since May '09. Anyway, this is about sobriety and life without alcohol is amazing! Life has been challenging, to say the least, and I'm sure everyone would agree, which is why they are here. We all have a story. Thank you so much for having this blog. It is amazing, you sound amazing and I look forward to following you here. God Bless you and to everyone who comes here looking for sobriety or who have been sober. We have all been new to sobriety and have struggled with getting sober and staying sober. We all have that common bond. But sobriety can be achieved and it is so rewarding in so many ways! Prayers to you, Em and everyone else out there.

  3. hello emily (and all),

    i have followed your blog for quite some time. like others, i learned of you and your story on dr. phil.

    i want to thank you and your 'friends' for being open and honest. i enjoy my aa meetings and the folks i've met there as well. its such a wonderful feeling to know that i am not alone.

    i am now a 34 year old stay at home mom of 2 awesome kids.

    alcoholism took over my life; slowly at first but the end was rough.

    i am so proud to say that as of this coming tuesday, i am 90 days sober.

    i am happy for the first time in a long time. and suprisgly, i am learning to love myself and all that GOD has given me...

    i drank daily for years and years. i was able to abstain during my 2 pregnanies, but i wasn't happy about it. after my son was born, i resumed my daily drinking. at some point, this is when my life became unmanageable. although i always knew that i was not a normal drinker, i only drank at night (no problem, right.. : ( -- dumb thinking) . i can't pinpoint the time, but rapidly my life/daily plans revolved around getting my next drink.

    near my bottom, i was drinkg first thing in the morning. i was starting the day w/ vodka and a little soda at 5:30 am. sadly i'll admit that i also drank in the middle of the night if i woke up and couldn't sleep. i drank for every reason and sometimes no reason..

    i won't write my whole story hear but i wanted to introduce myself and truely thank you for your blog!!!

    you are an inspiration!!!

  4. Hi I'm new to your blog. I caught the rerun of the Dr Phil show that you where on. How wonderful that you have this blog to help others who are struggling with addiction. I will have three years sober in July. I have been going to AA for five years now. With God, the help of my sponsor(the best sponsor in the world:) and AA I also have learned in this past year to truly like myself for who God made me to be. Life is so much better today than it use to be.It's not always easy to stay sober but well worth it. Today I'm living the life that i always wanted. God Bless

  5. Thank you for this blog. I too heard of it on Dr. Phil - who by the way I never watch :) I've been in denial about how serious my drinking problem is. I don't drink and drive - most of the time - and usually only get drunk alone - at home and only at night. I was a social drinker - but if I think back - its been since 9-11 when an old boyfriend was one of the firemen killed...that I started to lose control...then my dad died suddenly...and my mom was very demanding (I am single with no kids - unlike the rest of my siblings) then an uncle with no kids was re-diagnosed with cancer - and its been an exhausting and demanding couple of years - and my way of coping is by drinking. It is so true that it really makes it worse than better - yet its so hard. I went two days sober - then some crap hit the fan today - and oh well...I too am very involved in the community/church/local business - but your posts here have given me some courage to attend an AA meeting. I will be looking into times for a local meeting. You all sharing what you've been through definitely makes me feel that I am not alone - and that I can do this! God's Blessings to you all.

  6. Hi Emily & friends, haven't been on in a while, good to be back. Emily? Rude? Mean? Can't picture that since I've known you,(post alcohol), unpredictable,OK, maybe...
    Glad you had such a fun, productive & enlightening camping trip. Haven't done that in quite a while,miss it. Recalling some of the peace,serenity,discovery, & pure fun brings on a smile. Comparing the times before & after alcohol, an even bigger smile. Maybe see you later...
    Best wishes to all...