Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK, we are going to skip over the whole date thing - come to find out my heart is just not ready.

So you are all drinking tea, and I feel a little left out. So, I'm off to the tea store and if I'm smart, to class!

UPDATE: I am feeling much better. I had a good cry and just took my first sip of tea. It is so crazy to me how doing new things can be so hard. It takes courage, but at least it's no longer liquid courage! Just because it's hard isn't an excuse not to go out.

I'm going to give myself some of my own advice...Emily you are still sick and getting better, be easy on yourself, eat some chocolate (or drink some tea) take a bath, or a nap, stay in the moment and when you are ready, give it another shot.

Thank you guys for your support! We all ROCK! How are you doing today?


  1. You'll know when you're ready. Maybe a different person will strike your fancy. It's tough to find someone to connect with, really tough. So maybe you're not ready or maybe you're ready for a different someone. Keep your heart open.... just keep it open.

  2. I'm wanting some hot tea, too.

    I am proud of you for attempting the dating are a wise, brave woman!!

  3. At least you made a start. It's okay to not be ready. But I agree with In Recovery, just keep your heart open. Good for you for taking a step.

  4. Hi Emily,
    At least you have a clear mind to know how you feel, and you know at this time that your heart is not ready for this date. It must be so great to make your decisions whether they are life, or just simple day-to-day decisions with your brain not confused with intoxication. Emily, you will know when you are ready, I am certain of that. Hang in there sweetie, he's right around the corner waiting for you when you are ready for him.

    I went shopping this afternoon for different teas to try. I first went to the health food store, then to the local supermarket, I bought so many, probably too many, but I can't wait to try them all and I will be sure to comment on the ones that I enjoyed the most. I had a lot of recommendations on the Roobios (sp?) tea, comes in different flavours such as vanilla and cinnamon. Will let you know what I think.

    BTW....It is 6 pm here, and my Day 3 is half way over. I have a really bad headache right now, think all the stress from the day today is causing my head to pound. I have to take Aleeve or Tylenol, as I must start dinner and I am not in the best of moods, I think because of this headache.

    Thinking about you.

    Little Peanut

  5. Hey Em,

    How about chocolate AND tea! I was telling one of the Anonymous' I found a chocoLatte green tea with mint. Made by Kalahari Cafe.

    You will in your heart know when the time is right.

  6. As the saying goes Emily.
    One day at a time.....

    I had a rough one today.

  7. Hi, Emily --

    Sorry you had a rough day; be patient. You are loved!

    Now close your eyes, wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze -- imagine it's a bunch of us giving you a big hug, OK? :)

    This, too, shall pass...just have patience and be good to yourself.

    Montana (formerly known as Anonymous #1)

  8. Emily, it was great to get out. I'm sure the next time it will be easier. The right person will come along and it will just feel right.

    CHOCOLATE with a little bit of peanut butter inside, that helped me last night.

    Little Peanut, I know how you feel, I have been having problems sleeping and Monday & Tuesday my head was splitting. Hope you feel better we're on the right road.

    I had a rough day today, yucky out, grumpy clients, people late, me wanting to relax , oh and I started another paper tonight, but I read the wrong assignment. Now I have to start another to email to my teacher by 8 am. We'll at least I'm ahead on the other paper!!!

    I wanted a drink bad tonight, I came home mean and nasty. My husband didn't have dinner ready, but that is normal, LOL!!! we ordered Chinese, He went to get it, thank God!!! I love that bar, they used to hook me up!!! If I went I knew a drink would be set up for me. These are some of my upcoming challenges. How do we go out to dinner where they know you???? We'll not for a while I guess until i get a good plan and some meetings under my belt.

    Take care everyone,
    Have a great night, I think mine actually just got better, it feels good to have you all!!!!

  9. Emily, I just read in a book that if people could "un-date" they would do it everyday! Very true! For whatever the reasons, many of us take a step back after a date.

  10. Hi everyone, Just returned home from my daughter's soccer game and couldn't wait to get on my son's laptop to see you guys...(sort to speak). I think about all of you through out the day, and I can't wait to talk to my new friends about their day, and to read their thoughts good and bad, it all helps!
    It is nearly 11 pm here, and my Day 3 is nearly over, and in one hour I will be beginning my Day 4....YES!!!

    Doggielover, I am sorry that you had "one of those days" as I know how challenging they can be. I hope these days will make us stronger in the long run. I also know what you mean regarding the familiar establishments that we know so well, and they know us as lovers of the buzz. Tonight going into the soccer dome, the sweet bartender looked surprised that I did not order a cooler or two. I did not know what to say so I didn't say anything at all. The little bar was full with familiar family faces all celebrating Canada's win over Russia...celebrating with drinks, which I would have normally been a part of. It will take me a while before I will be able to go in there and be with all the other families, turn down the "let me get you a drink" offer. Tonight I sat in the bleachers only (before and after the game) sipping my tea that I had brought from home in my travel mug. It sure is different, but a GOOD different. I really LOVE waking up in the morning feeling good, tired but good. The sleeping is broken and I am up earlier than I would like, but if that is the only problem in the morning for me...I will take it! My head was splitting this afternoon, took a couple of Tylenol, and by the time dinner was made, it was gone.

    I purchased many new teas today, along with Cranberry juice and soda is refreshing, but it truly reminds me of our summer drinks that contain good quantities of Vodka. I am not sure if that is a good memory or if I should find something new that is cold and refreshing without any cocktail memories???
    I also bought some really yummy chocolate today. Lindt dark chocolate with blueberry pieces in it....ridiculously good, and Cadbury dark chocolate with almonds, so good with the tea, really felt like a treat replacement. I also, (I know I was trying to buy everything that I thought I would enjoy, and probably went overboard) bought old fashion black licorice, it is strong tasting, but good. I remember a friend of mine telling me that when she was giving up smoking, her substitute for having a smoke was a black licorice pipe...remember those? they still sell them in some variety stores, when you bite into them, the inside looks green, and the taste is quite strong, leaves a lingering taste in your mouth.
    What ever works right?
    The more we explore and share new ideas with each other we might all find a healthy replacement for our old friend/enemy.
    Good night everyone!
    Thanks for being here for me, I don't think that I would be staring Day 4 without you guys...........Thanks!!!
    Little Peanut

  11. And, as you know, we DO NOT DRINK, NMW (No Matter What!) Emily, I'm glad you are one of us--and you ARE!!!

  12. Sounds like Wednesday was challenging for many of us...mostly for you Em. Today is Day 5 but day 4 was sucky. Had lunch with friends who drink & it was painful. Typically I can lunch with friends till dinner time...sipping wine all afternoon. I could not do it & by 3:00 had to excuse myself. Very testy, really graving alcohol. Okay everyone we've been talking about tea & chocolate...well, I came home & made (from scratch) a cheesecake with almond & heath bar crumbles topping (if anyone knows Magnolia Bakery in is one of their recipes). But after making the delicious dessert, I was calm, feeling accomplished & I DIDN't eat any of it. A big family dinner tonight so lucky them, we'll indulge in this tonight. Yikes, another social event where everyone will be sipping wine...I might eat the whole cheesecake while they sip away. day...Day 5! How is everyone else today?

  13. I only wish I was as brave as you. Or as strong. Every day I wake up thinking I won't pour myself a drink but come 8:30a.m....well, that thought escapes my mind.

  14. To that last anonymous comment..instead of waking up and saying what you "won't do" come up with something that you WILL do! Just that little turn can make a difference. Get a plan the night before of something you're interested in doing, then the next day DO it!! What we look at, we gravitate toward. By thinking about not drinking, youre still thinking about drinking!

  15. And Emily, I agree with alot of the other comments...prolly just not the right guy! And there's nothing wrong with that. So dont blame yourself. We women always do that!

  16. Emily: thought of you when I heard this song today about finding canadian, Michael Buble....just a fun song for a friday!

    take care