Friday, February 26, 2010

Quotes are a great thing!

"Progress involves risk, You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."


  1. And in order to even contemplate stealing second base, long before you take your foot off first, you have to trust the player at the plate ... and have some understanding of the other team (how fast the pitcher's pick-off throw is, the catcher's arm, the skill of the first and second basemen, and so on). Wow, thinking about all this, I don't think I'd even consider stealing second ... or, metaphorically, moving forward. It's kind of scary, isn't it?

  2. But we also need to "keep it simple."

  3. Love the baseball analogies, used to play alot & can relate. You're right KLo, I was much more willing to steal 2nd if I had confidence that the guy at the plate could protect the runner. I accepted the fact that I was faster than any pick-off move & willing to take my chances with any catcher, but always relied on my teammates knowledge & performance. Like now...
    Are you sure you're not an alcoholic? Your brain kinda spins like one...

    "Life is too short to wake up with regrets"...

  4. Hi, Randy --

    Thank you for your earlier response to my question about quitting vs. surrendering. I've been thinking about it a lot.

    But your above comment now raises another question or two in my mind that I'm hoping you can answer -- you asked KLo if she was sure she wasn't an alcoholic. So my first question is, how does one know? And second, you mentioned her brain somewhat spins like one -- how does an alcoholic's brain spin vs. a non-alcoholic's brain?

    I very much enjoy your comments and feel I am learning so much from you, especially since you've been down this path for how many years now?

    Thanks in advance for your insight...


  5. A couple of tough questions there Montana. First of all, the best place for answers is face to face encounters with other alocoholics. The definition of an alocoholic, in layman's terms, is a person who can't control his or her consumption of alcohol. The alcoholics definition comes when he or she accepts the fact that their lives have become unmanageable & they need & want help. The alcoholics personal definition is the only one that matters. Acceptance is a key factor.

    As for the brain part, I think Darcy had a good scientific image in an earlier post. You can see how KLo spun that simple task of stealing second into a tangled web of doubts & fears of getting off first base. Very generally, alcoholics spin every life situation back to a reason to drink, happy, sad, good & bad. In reality, there are no reasons to drink, only alcoholic opportunities. We need to replace fear as a life motivator with faith that we can steal second, & do our best trying.
    Much like a stroke or accident victim will need speech or physical therapy to retrain their brains, we also need to retrain our brains & thought patterns to recover from our illness. A stroke victim can't do it alone, neither can we...

  6. Does anybody know where this brain image can be found on-line?