Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Other Ways

I only know 1 way to get sober, as I only took 1 route. I have no wisdom on any of the other programs. I use the one that has been around the longest, because that where the wonderful woman I asked for help took me. I also follow a few other programs, like flylady and the 4 agreements. Do I do them perfectly? Not at all... my house is a huge mess, I often forget to meditate, and I never think I'm doing my best, I am very hard on myself.

I understand there is more than one way. I know about some of them, but not all. Please share if you took a different route. I totally dig the one I took, so don't bag on it, but please feel share your wisdom.


  1. Hope your doing well today. I am going to a meeting Friday, I'm SOOOO nervous, but I just have to try to make it through the door! Thank you and have a great night!

  2. I'm at 9 months and the only way I've known is 12 steps. I don't do it very well, at all, but I am still c & s, so that's good. I like your blog! Thanks.

  3. Doggielover,
    They'll love you as much as we do!

    Hang in there, nine months was hard for me, but it got better! Em

  4. Smart Recovery is suppose to be a pretty good program. Their thought is that alcoholism can be cured.
    Hello to Louise who I met at a meeting today.

  5. I am doing 12 steps, as well. It is a version of the oldest version and it is working very well for me.

    I had a really hard time walking thru the doors, but you can do it!!!

  6. i have been doing one on one therapy ..6 month sober

  7. Jennifer, I would be very wary of any person or program claiming to be able to "cure" addiction. That is a very dangerous thing to play with, since it normally advocates "controlled" drinking. If someone can do that, wonderful, but I would question whether or not they are truly alcohol dependent to begin with. Just my humble opinion.

  8. Goodmorning all! Slept like a baby but getting up way too early. When you're sober, I find that you get a lot more stuff done during the day.

    Hi Jennifer,
    I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the meeting. You made me feel safe so I'm very grateful that you were there & that I met you. We'll stay in touch.

    Good day all!

  9. Good morning everyone - waking up again this morning oh so proud of everyone and their positive steps in the right directions!

    Personally I, like mommaof3 do the 12 steps program. Never tried any other program other than my OWN programs that NEVER worked. I also see a therapist who is a recovering alcoholic and my husband has seen her husband (who is also a therapist & recovering alcoholic) a few times to try to understand all of this & what his role is in my recovery, as well as his role in HIS recovery. He said that it really helped him. So that's what I do to fight this beast called alcoholism!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, sober day & love hearing everyone's comments throughout the day. Just seeing how our group has grown recently & the unconditional love & support we are all providing one another truly warms my heart & makes my day brighter!

    My cup runneth over!

  10. Was also thinking this morning that we all need to pray for our friend Mary, the woman from the Dr. Phil show. Hopefully she will join us on this blog soon. I hope she, like all of you, is beginning on her incredible journey of getting her life back! If you could update us on how she is doing Em, that would be great. Let her know my thoughts & prayers are with her every day!

  11. Good morning everyone, Hope you all did well last night, thankfully a little bit of chocolate did the trick for me last night, I didn't have a vodka on the rocks!!! Starting of the day hoping I can be strong tonight. I have a crazy day today and very needy people to deal with so I need to stay not want a drink to relax me.

    Thank you all for your comments, I read them all the time and I am amazed at how many normal people have problems with alcohol, I was so ashamed, now I feel better about it.

    Good luck on your date tonight Emily, I'm sure you'll do fine, just let it happen!!! HAve a great day!

  12. Last I heard Mary was doing well! I know the show was hard on me, I can't even imagine how hard it was on her. My prayers are with her! Em