Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On a lighter note...

Beau read this to me a second ago, and sometimes the best medicine is a good laugh...

Little Johnny is sitting in class and the teacher says "I'm going to say a quote and the first one to give the right answer gets to go home early." She says who said four score and seven years ago... Johnny opens his mouth to answer but Sally yells out Abraham Lincoln. The teacher says very good, you may leave. Then she says, I have a dream.... Johnny opens his mouth but Lisa yells out Martin Luther King. Lisa got dismissed early. She then says, ask not what your country can do for you.. Johnny starts to say... but Dawn yells out JFK. She leaves too. Johnny's pissed. He yells out "I wish these bitches would keep their mouths shut!" The teacher turns around irate and yells "Who said that" Johnny says "Tiger Woods.... can I go home now?

I almost didn't publish this, as I feel it is a bit like taking a pop shot at one of our own, but I'm sorry it's FUNNY!


  1. LOL :D That I did not expect. :) And come on, the kid's probably right, he's only human,that thought must have passed through his mind at some point. ;)

  2. I know right!? I even thought it for him a few times:)