Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Day

Today is a brand new day, for all of us. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here, so let's make today great!

I am up early, making coffee as I type, doing a little work and then going to class. I'm not going to lie yesterday was tuff. It opened up stuff that I was scared to look at, a friend came over and helped walked me through some of it, but I think it may be off to counseling today. The program I stay sober in helps a lot, but I'm getting that some more counseling may be needed to help me with the issues that keep popping up.

"Today is our day we're off to great places were off on our way." -Dr. Seuss


  1. Good morning all- I had decaf tea last night before bed and thought of all the folks around the world drinking tea and staying sober!!

    Here's to today----
    And to more counseling!

  2. Good morning Em from ladybug

    Those darn issues keep getting in our way, huh. I know that is so true. If you have a good compassionate counselor, hold on to them....So important in my experiences. You can learn a lot about the things that cause you to feel uncomfortable and why. Good luck today. And thanks again for helping me to turn back to my path of sobriety. Today is day 4 for me. Feels great! I hope you have a great day.


  3. I am so proud of you! Your strength and willingness to ask for help when needed is a true inspiration : ) Keep smiling, and know that everything is accomplished by baby steps (I'm sure this isn't news to you, though ;))

  4. Good Morning Girls!

    I am drinking my coffee 1/2 decaf. this morning, I have found that in times of mental and spiritual growth to much caffeine makes me a mess.

    Great job Ladybug! XO, Em

  5. Hey Em, you are such an inspiration. I'm glad you're picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and starting a new day. I have learned that sometimes people's best intentions are often not what I need. Friends will try to fix me up (I'm much more cautious now) with a guy because A. he's single and so am I and B. he's an alcoholic and so am I. I am learning to be more selective than that. I know they mean well but there's a lot more to it. It's about personality, values, kids, honesty, pheromones, and just plain physical attraction.

    Ready or not, if there had been something special there, you would have felt it. Then you would be trying to get ready while taking it slow. You are right where you need to be right NOW. All we have is right now. Where you are is where you are supposed to be or you would be somewhere else.

    I guess I'm saying not to read too much into one bad date. You may need some extra support from a counselor.... or maybe you are taking on too much of it. It's okay to not feel a spark with someone that others thought you would.

    Just my wee little 2 cents!!!

  6. Em - Not sure if you will want to post this or not, but something is telling me to write it, so you determine if you want to post it or not.

    We all need to wake up this a.m. and say a special thanks to our Higher Power for allowing us to wake up to another beautiful day with air in our lungs & a beating heart. I learned at a meeting of my homegroup last nite that a member in our area had lost his battle with alcoholism on Tuesday morning. He was 38 with 4 little children. This loss shows us all how cunning, baffling & powerful this diesease really is. I saw a lot of sadness at my meeting last nite - the group was definitely not their jovial, funny selves last nite - many from my homegroup new this man. We need to see this and grow & learn from it - let's all gather the strength from within ourselves given to us by our Higher Power to fight this disease and live new & promising lives! I don't EVER want to see someone I know lose their battle to alcoholism.

    Sorry for the somber comment, but I feel that we can all learn from this terrible, unnecessary passing.

    I'm really proud of everyone that is waking up to celebrate another sober day in this game called life!

  7. I'm glad you shared that story Annette. I came so close to "justifying" why having 1 or 2 glasses of wine wouldn't hurt...but then remembering what all of you are doing to stay sober daily & remembering it would be starting all over again with Day 1 instead of today being Day 5. But I'm also realizing that hanging on by my nails everyday isn't going to work either. That I've not only got to overcome temptation but figure out why Mr. Vino has been my best friend for over 20 years...why I've had to medicate to face people, the day, my everything. So, groups, counseling...what to do to stay sober daily plus figure out why alcohol has been the center of my world for so long. Hmmmm...

  8. Great life lessons today from all of you, Thanks! Great reminders of things we take for granted. I believe the only way to truly appreciate anything is to appreciate it "today". The best time to take care of yourself is today.
    Asking for help, and or knowing when to, takes a brave heart for sure...

    Very sorry to hear about your classmate Annette. Even sorrier to hear about his survivors. He is at peace, I hope & pray his family will find some when this shock wears off a little, if ever. I so hate "collateral damage." Alcoholism is full of it...

    I'm very grateful to have made it this far, & I know for sure it is only due to the will & kindness of my Higher Power & my guarding angels. If my life were in my hands, it would have been over long ago...

  9. Hi Em
    I found your blog while watching dr. Phil.

    today I emptied the 4 beers left over from last night. I want to clean up. I am doing this, have done it before (clean for 10 years). thank you for your blog and honesty. Peace.

  10. I just finished watching you on the Dr. Phil show. In just the few minutes you were speaking I was inspired. I have one day sober, not by choice but because I drank so much the night before I was too hung over to drink last night. I was excited that you gave a web address for us mothers who need motivation to start our sobriety. Just the few comments I read make me feel like it is possible to stay sober one moment at a time. May God bless you in your journey.

  11. I got up today to face a consequence of an action I (wrongly) chose to take. Ugh...I am off to make it matter what. That is the freeing and peace I get from working the Steps. Have a serene and easy day.


  12. Annette, sharing that I think it really does "sober" you up. I'm 36 and that could be me, it makes you think. i'm only on the start of day 5, long way to go, but checking in here everyday helps me to cope and remind myself to keep on track. Good Luck to you Emily, your so strong to be able to share so much.

    Wishing you all a wonderful day!!

  13. I am grateful for a new day.
    I am grateful for a loving God.
    I am grateful for Grace and Mercy.
    And Emily, I am grateful for you.

  14. Thanks to Dr Phil, I found you and you have been so important to me in such a short time. I'm 5 nights sober and determined to make it last this time. I read your page every morning and again when I get in from work every evening. Everyone's comments and your blogs help so much. Thank you all.

  15. Good evening everyone,
    It is nearly 8:30 pm here, and I am coming to an end to my Day 4,,,I can't wait to go to sleep tonight, and wake up to feeling really good physically and mentally. I must say that today was not as easy as yesterday seemed to be, but in saying that, maybe it seems easier the day before only because that day is over...I wonder? Anyway, I did have the strong urge today at (again) the time of preparing dinner...I quickly made a cranberry/soda drink and kept as busy as possible. The kids were busy with homework and their "stuff", my husband asleep on the couch after working hard all day, and then there is me, in the kitchen, alone, but trying to stay focussed on the dinner preparations at hand. Thinking that everything that I was doing would be a lot more interesting if I was sipping some nice red wine, and no one would know but me as I am in the big kitchen all alone...other than my little dog at my feet hoping that I treat her or by accident I drop a morsel of food that I am preparing....she is way too sweet, my little buddy. I took a break from making dinner, grabbed the laptop, and jumped on Emily's site here for words of wisdom, whether good or bad, all the messages on this site helps me in so many, many ways...........Thanks Emily!!! Being here has become my life line, and I am so GRATEFUL for all of you....Thanks!
    Day 5 tomorrow and it is a Friday, the beginning of the weekend,,,YIKES!
    Thinking about all of you here.
    Little Peanut

  16. Hi Em, Little peanut and all good people in the same boat.

    Geez, I can relate to little peanut's feelings. Wine did cross my mind several times yesterday but was quickly extinquished somehow. Its funny, once I turn it off, its off like a brick wall between us (my friend alchohol). I'm waiting for the shoe to drop cuz I know if I start again, all this will be a waste. When one finally musters the strength and motivation to stop (Thanks to Em and Dr. Phil and this site)I think you have to go with it. Times like this are a gift. Yet the weekend stands before all of us. I'm wondering how long I can feel this strong. This week has been amazing... Can I make it through the weekend?

    Good luck to all. :)) (And wish me luck too)

    Lady Bug

  17. Hi Everyone,
    Grabbed the laptop and jumped on Em.'s site to read all of your posts. I just received an invitation to go out tonight (FRIDAY) with a bunch of other couples, singles too, to a (what used to be such a FUN place, now, (being on Day 5) I am afraid of it) pool, bowling, arcade, BAR establishment. I want to go to see everyone, but the theme tonight is "February Blues" which means let's party and forget about the Winter weather. I don't think that I can handle this yet, but if I stay at home I am going to have my own party...the pity-me-party, I am afraid of that too! I know this is going to be the first of one million weekends that I am going to have to face, in the summer it is through the week too. I suppose this is when a "class" would come into play, where I could find my inner strength and forge on. Too bad I feel the way I feel about classes. I still don't want to attend any meetings locally...I know that I am being a dumb ass as "they" are not supposed to discuss the people that attend, but I just can't seem to get past that...yet. Till then, I walk a fine line on my own, with this site as my only life line. Once again...Thanks Emily, as I would not be on Day 5 if it wasn't for you! I know that I would have kept on my "merry" way of pretending that my drinking was not causing any problems physically and mentally to me and those around me. Anybody feel like giving advice at this time? I sure could use it. Do I go tonight, or stay away???
    Thanks guys.
    I appreciate you all!
    Little Peanut

    *You can do it Lady Bug*