Friday, February 26, 2010

Hard Stuff

I have some hard stuff do deal with right now, stuff that's no fun,
but I know will bring me great growth, once I get to the other side of
it. And ya know what? It would be like a million times harder if I was
drunk. So nomatter what's going on in my life, I'm always happy I am
sober. Even through hard times!

I am so proud of you all, it's so cool to watch you all become friends
and support eachother! Em

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  1. No, thank you for the support Emily everyday. When you have a hard day we see it, but we also put all our stuff out there for you to publish, that's a lot for one person. You have to read it all and publish it all.

    Get some rest, recharge your mind and feel free!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

  2. I love to see someone sober, Emily--you might KNOW that--grin!

    However, I am Ecstatic when I read of someone (you) "HAPPY you are sober!"


  3. Sorry you are having some troubles. I hope you feel better soon and all will be okay...


  4. Thanks for the love guys, it will get better it always does, as long as I'm willing to do the work. And that goes for all of us! Xo, em