Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Friends

Had it not been for a few good friends, and all of your love and support, I would not be back in my happy place today. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of work to do and healing to be done. But I'm in a place of acceptance about that, which is super good. You know what I'm most grateful for (besides all of you)? Is that even though yesterday was a totally crappy day, I knew it was temporary, that's a total blessing of sobriety.


  1. Me too. Sometimes I cringe when someone with e,s, and h says to me "This too shall pass". But they are right, I know it, and it does. No matter what. I'm glad you are happy and not crappy today.


  2. Could it be you had one of those "someday I'll look back & laugh" days? You're right, sobriety makes it possible & alot easier to accept those crappy days & move on, even if they aren't so laughable later...

  3. Emily - Have you heard of this guy? Mark Lundholm - He's a comic (who after 20 years clean and sober) - can look back and laugh!

    He wrote a Broadway show called - "Addicted - A Comedy of Substance" - and if you or anyone you know get a chance to see it you should! It's amazing and powerful! I know he also does speaking engagements to sobriety workers - about laughing at ourselves.

    Hope you are doing really well with your sobriety. Day by day. Thank you so much for the inspiration you provide!