Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Date Day

Okay, today is date day. Now I'm not going to go blogging all about it, cause that ain't right. But I will share a little bit about how I'm feeling - scared - scared is how I'm feeling. I am a total open book (well almost) and I don't know how to share half of my story. I hear let them get to know you over time, but I have no clue how to do that, especially when I blog all about it. I woke this morning with like 10 excuses why not to go floating through my head - such an alcoholic!

So my plan is to ask him questions, to find out about his life. To tell you the truth, I need a break from talking about mine, and a chance to wear a cute outfit:)


  1. I'll be thinking about you and hoping it goes well : )

    My cheap advice, for what it's worth ... make a list of ten easy conversation starters. Random facts are good, although choose wisely ... you don't want to be having a twenty minute conversation about why we still have pennies in circulation when they cost 1.4 cents to make or something ;)

  2. Thank you KLo, that actually helps a lot! Do you think he'll think I'm a ding dong if I pull out the list? I might need to, my memory...not so good. Haha. Em

  3. I agree with that advice, KLo and I also like the idea of you asking questions versus spilling your story. I think about deal breakers. What are the things I would rather not deal with? Also, can he talk about himself or just stuff? It's always a red flag when someone is full of knowledge -- like quantum physics (and why we still have pennies in circulation), but not real about feelings. Feelings... I like feelings. Thoughts I can do without a lot of the time. I even like the crazy feelings, make me feel alive. The committee tends to get too involved in thoughts. Have fun and plan to have lots of other first dates.... that's the best advice I can give.... don't go jump in here with the first person who has asked you out sober. You owe yourself the experience of exploring.... my humble opinion.

  4. Look cute, dress cute, ask questions, listen, throw in your 2 cents here & there, laugh, smile, breathe....and have fun - Remember.....IT'S JUST LUNCH!

  5. I will be waiting to hear how it goes!! Enjoy it all!


  6. My daughter in law gave me the following dating tips when I divorced. They are: Avoid talking about children, finances, or former husband, especially on the first date. Let him talk, and you listen.
    I love your blog, saw you for the first time on Dr. Phil and have been following you since then.
    It is o.k. to keep some of yourself private. I think about a scripture that says something about "casting pearls to swine". You are the "pearl". Have fun!