Friday, January 8, 2010

Sugar Hangover

I woke up late this morning, with a headache. I was like -What the heck?- Then I asked myself maybe could it have been the 7 Cokes you drank yesterday? A sugar hangover, are you kidding me! I know better. So all day yesterday I was running around like a crazy woman over drinking too much sugar and caffeine:(

I have a gratitude list the length of a novel and instead of sitting contently in that, I was allowing fear and anxiety creep in. So today, no sugar!

I am going to a meeting, getting my breathalyzer re-calibrated (that is a story all on its own) and then cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Hope you all are having a peaceful, wonderful morning!


  1. A more peaceful and wonderful day than I deserve

    More peaceful and wonderful than you could imagine. Been to two early morning meetings, and maybe one later 5:30...what could be better, or, for me, more FUN!

    I missed out on those breathalyzer calibrations.

  2. Yeah.meeting! Boo-hiss.headache. Yeah.gratitude! Boo-hiss.sugar hangover.