Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

Today we are going to stay in the solution, cause that's where I need to be.

When you're in a rough patch or a tight spot, what is the first thing you do?

If you are still drinking, go ahead and say drinking. It's not like we won't understand. That was my solution for everything, scared-drink, happy-drink, anxious-drink.

Hi guys, I'm back! Sorry for the short S. Sunday today. As you can see I'm working on the emilyism title. Crazy busy day! I am sooo ready to chat! I will be logging on at 4:00!


  1. Pray, then pray, then whine a bit, then pray harder. I am not a drinker but the daughter of an AAer, the mom of a future AA member (my opinion only), and the ex-wife of one. Have a beautiful, blessed, sober day, kiddo.


  2. Nowadays? I text. Text again, maybe to three or so people and hope for a quick response.

    Need to pray first......

  3. Take a deep breath, try to calm myself, say a prayer & call my sponsor. Haven't had to do this yet, but may have to start as this will be my 1st week sober with everything getting "back to real life" i.e., kids back in school, hubby out of town til Wed., etc. And I will do my best to follow my plan above instead of taking the 1st drink.


  4. Tight spot, Pause... Pray... Think... Think program...
    Do the next right thing, best case scenario, & someday it will be automatic. Don't always flip into that mode right away, workin' on it...

  5. Funny--my friend anonymous is ALL OVER the Internet, commenting EVERYWHERE!

    Good advice, I believe: "Think Program!"

  6. Steve E - are you talking about me "Anonymous" all over the internet commenting everywhere? This is Annette by the way. Just wanted to know because the only places I've commented are on here & mommaof3's blog - wanted to make sure no one else is using my name and posting anything. Have a great day Peeps!!! Happy Monday! Annette