Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

What are you doing to stay sober today?

I am...praying, calling my sponsor and going to lunch with some sober friends, then having open chat right here on (I am so excited!) I am thinking it may be a bit of a pain at first, but once we have it figured out it will be smooth chatting!

Something just came to mind. Someone asked me the other day if I was open for debate about the program I got sober in, my answer "Nope." There's nothing to debate. I learned early on don't explain and don't defend. Today I'm thinking maybe I should have explained (damn thinking) so I will here. Meetings are my insurance policy, they are where I go to hear where I came from, and where I go to learn how not to go back there. It's not open for debate, it's what works for me..

I hope it's okay with you guys, but I may be all over the board today, as I have a ton on my mind. I am off to fly, I will write more later.

Had a great and wonderful lunch with some sober friends. I spent a year feeling a little bit sorry for myself that I didn't really have any close sober friends. Then the other day I asked what part in that did I play? The answer was a decent amount. Had I asked anyone to do anything lately...nope. So I did, and he was like okay lets do it Sunday...boom lunch with friends. I really can be a pain:)


  1. What time will the chat be? AZ time....I'll figure out TX time :)

    I am going to think about what I am doing to stay sober today and I'll post it here

    Thanks for being you, Em!

  2. I'm here via mommaof3 (I think that is the right spelling?). I love meeting new blog friends and your picture of your son's bday breakfast was priceless. I'm an Alanoner with 2 boys, 22 and 19. The 19 y.o. is out there using and abusing and my mother is coming up on 11 years in AA. Miracles happen! I look forward to reading you with my coffee in the mornings!


  3. Kim A. You are in the right place. Praying for a miracle for your 19 yr. old. Tough age, but what number isn't these days, so much crap out there.

    Love that "No Debate" Emily, you are sooooo right...