Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Women's Meeting

Tonight I texted one of my BBF (best blogging friends) that nothing in me wanted to go to my Women's meeting tonight. I almost didn't go, but I knew I needed to. I could not stand myself today. I am acting like a complete bitty. My fear is quickly turning into anger and it ain't pretty. So I went, thank God.

I had forgotten how incredible the women at my Women's meeting are. We didn't meet over the Holiday and I had forgotten how much I needed them. I can tell these women anything, I love them very much. Their support and love is what got me through my darkest hour and keeps me humble through my most exciting moments. I love them all and am so blessed to have them in my life!


  1. I kept thinking during my small group....I am so thankful to have these folks....I can tell them the ugliest parts of me and they get it. My sponsor says if you don't go to the meeting you'll miss the blessing. So glad we both went!!


  2. I'm glad you made it to the meeting! There is power in a group of wise women. Have a happy happy Friday!