Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Moment of Panic

I'm I had that moment, that moment of sheer traumatic fear of opening myself up publicly the way I'm about to. I guess if doing public appearances was easy, more people would be doing them. I almost backed out of the whole deal, doing stuff in the media is hard on me. But I believe it is the fastest way to help the most people. If I can get alcoholics to understand THEY ARE NOT ALONE, then I have done, what I believe God wants me to do. So when that panic hit I did what I was trained to do, I called my sponsor, I prayed, I called my counselor and my best friends and they loved me through it and then told me... go on with your bad ass self:)


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!! I am so incredible proud of you and grateful to be your friend. Change the world, girl!


  2. I agree with J - go TAKE CONTROL OF THAT STAGE! Remember - you're the shit! Your HP led you in this direction now you can take the wheel & drive your message to the millions - you're gonna be great babe & we are all SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I 2nd J: Go change the world!

    Hugs & Luck - Annette

  3. I tried to e-mail you after the DR. Phil show but, it didn't work? I would like to speak through e-mail with you.