Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today, I got MomBombed. It was amazing! MomBomb is a small Mom owned boutique in Phoenix. It is a child friendly, hip, wonderful place. On top of that their clothes are AMAZING! It came to my attention that my fashion sense was lacking. If I am going to be the fresh, hip, sober Mom that I want to be, I needed fashion help and STAT.

I have some stuff coming up where I really want to look and feel great. So I called MomBomb and gave them the 411 on who I was and what I was all about, and the owner without even asking what she would get out of it, jumped on board.

Getting MomBombed is when they dress you and tell you how fabulous you are while shooting down all your negative thoughts and ideas of your body. It was amazing. I walked away feeling beautiful and hip. Faye, the owner, also told me not ever to wear my overalls again and that I needed my eyebrows waxed, which she promptly hooked up for me, love her!!!. They ROCK, and that's putting it mildly!!!

When it came time to pay, let's just say when I make it to the top they are so coming with me! So if I happen to end up on TV soon in some darling clothes, know they're from...


  1. MomBomb sure looks like "Your kind of place" Baybeeee! And if it makes you to feel GOOD about yourself, oh my, who could ask for anything more? Well....

    So MANY Peeps I know suffer with such
    unnecessarily low self esteem. It is actually painful for me to observe a Peep with SO much potential, belittle themselves at every turn. And you are NOT one of those.

    Happy for you to have found a place which supports your emotions and feelings, and your wishes about your fashion needs.

    Thank you for sharing what some would never put on their own blogs. You got POWER, girl!

  2. What a hoot! & I'm not a mom or a bomb. It's great to see that peace sign coming back again. Fond & some not so fond memories... I thought most of your "old stuff" looked pretty good, the overalls? she's probably right.
    Look good, feel good, be good. Whatever works for you. Just don't forget about us little people when you get to the top.
    Hope to see you & your new look soon...

  3. eyebrows are in some desperate shape!

    Sounds like a super fun place!!!

  4. Randy, You guys will never be little people to me, your commenting is why I keep blogging, which actually makes you the big people and always will! I will be at the morning meeting all this week:) YEAH!!

    Thanks Steve E!!

    J, OMGosh girl it is an amazing place!!! I am such a stacker on my brows, I don't know why, I always feel better when I get them done. E

  5. You go girl!!! You ARE da bomb!!! You look great (and I personally love the overalls so don't throw them out just yet) hehe - see how God is Blessing you in so many, many ways and it is very inspiring to me. Keep on keepin on!
    XO - Annette

  6. What a COOL idea. I wish we had a place like that around here. You do look like da bomb. And I had my two caterpillars waxed this week. I was going to name them..hehe


  7. ADORABLE outfit, Em. I am so happy you have a new place to shop for great outfits for your upcoming adventures. See you soon! Love - Amy