Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

Well, today is Monday, and I easily have 50 things to do. But you know what, I have already been to a meeting today (thanks to the -meeting reminder- from my BBF Annette) and really if that's all I get done today, then so be it.

I heard today that we alcoholics are overachievers, and I realized I kind of was, which is so funny because when I was drinking, I was easily one of the laziest people I know...YEAH BEING SOBER!! I am so motivated in fact that I forget to relax and take it today if I need to put those 50 things aside and take a nap, I'm going to without guilt. (Okay maybe a little guilt, I was raised Catholic after all:)


  1. I too am a fast-paced, gogogogo, type A personality. I also had a ton of things to do today . . ..but, haven't gotten over this bad cold, so took the time to go the dr., got on some antibiotics, came home and read a book, took a nap and talked to my sponsor. Feel much better now & still have several hrs left in my day to get some things done. Slow down, take care of yourself first and then you can get all those extra things done. Off to dive into the laundry! Annette

  2. Funny how catholics NEVER tire of being guilty, even if just a tad.

    Every Christmas I work (orchestra) in a large Baptist Church for several weeks, and as a group, I meet literally thousands of them--with not a DROP os guilt.

    Hey you got to a meeting, it's 4:45 PM and I'm going to the 5:30 here! Good US!

  3. I took a nap..had a friggen nightmare.. and probably shouldn't have had a piece of cherry cake with chocolate icing for lunch. Got to my meeting tonite though and this too shall pass, thank goodness.

    Much love and namaste