Friday, January 1, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Happy New Year everyone! I stayed home last night. I hung out in my room so Beau could have a little party. It was great actually!

I'm going to try a little law of attraction here...

1. I will stay sober this year
2. I will quit smoking this year
3. I will say the am and pm prayer daily this year
4. I will eat healthy this year
5. I will start working out this year
6. I will follow FlyLady this year
7. I will find an amazing boyfriend this year
8. I will become fully self supporting this year

and you know how I am going to do all this, one day at a time. I will pray, give it to the universe (God) and go about my business of trying to do the next right thing. I'm off to class!


  1. I have been thinking about Flylady, too. I tried it once, years ago, but am thinking I am a bit more grown up this year....maybe we can be newbies together :)

    Have you heard of an ecigarette? A girl at the party I was at last night was talking about it.

    Love to you, friend!
    Happy New Year~

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU GIRLIES!! Wow - my 1st New Years waking up w/out a hangover!!! Pretty nice stuff! Spent the evening w/my boys watching "Couples Retreat" and watchin the ball drop at midnite on TV - was a nice, quiet evening. You all have a great New Years Day!!! Annette

  3. This is my 3rd time trying to comment, I am commenting from my phone as my computer has decided to take a crap:( but ;) iPhone! I am so glad you girls had a great New Year! Here's to us and a wonderful, happy , safe and sober year! Xo, em

  4. Yeah, my computer is back up and working! I guess we both just needed a break! Hope you girls had a great day! Em

  5. We had a great New Year Eve also. Prayer Girl and her daughter Cheryl and I had a most wonderful dinner in a fine place in Naples. Then
    we went to an AA meeting (cookie meeting). Fireworks were only couple blocks up the beach.
    It could not have been nicer--Cheryl, age 28, now has 78 days clean and sober. MIRACLES GALORE here, Peeps!

    I sure enjoyed reading your L I S T Emily! Wow! You inspire me to write out my own. I'll post it when written and/or appropriate--grin!

  6. Re: #7 Amazing boyfriend will find you...

    I too have a lot to work on this year, personaly, professionaly, physicaly, & programly. Program first, & keeping my spirituality centered will make all others possible.
    Sober holiday season #6 a fond memory. Somewhere past 2000 days, one at a time, & enjoying watching others begin & continue their new lives. Best Christmas present ever!
    Thanks HP...