Monday, January 4, 2010

How the People article came about...

I have been asked a few times to write about how the People article came about. So here it goes...

Okay, so I had just ended it with {name withheld} and was sad and lonely, so I sent a txt out to my girls saying I was going to need all the love and support I could get. They rallied, it was great! So that Friday Tam and I headed out for girls night out. We were out way later than we ever stay out and were having a blast. Then a scary friend of the guy Tam was talking to goes to sit down at our table. It was the craziest thing as he sat down I stood up, like God had a string attached to my head. I knew it was odd and decided to go out for a smoke. As I walked out the door I run smack dab into a good old friend. You know the kind of friend that no matter how long it's been since you've seen them you take up right where you left off. I hadn't seen him since sobriety so I told him all about that, and how I did it and felt about it, then we talked about recovery theories. Then he asked me if I knew what he did and I was like "Yes, you're a doctor." he then explained to me that he was a medical director at a rehab and kind of offered me a job. I was in a spot in my life where I had no financial hope and he shined a light at the end of my tunnel.

So I started volunteering there and one day the owner came and asked to talk to me. I was like "Oh no I'm in trouble again". But I wasn't, she sat me down and told me a reporter had called from People and was looking for an alcoholic Mom to do a story on. I knew what an amazing thing it could be right away, and told her to go ahead and give the reporter my number. Then I went straight to fear, I had Facebook friends that didn't know I was sober and I was about to tell millions...OMG. The reporter called me within 20 minutes and did a brief interview over the phone, then she told me she would let me know. The 3 weeks it took for them to pick me were the scariest weeks of my life. I went from excitement to panic to anxiety and then all over again. I had to prepare for them not to pick me and then for them to pick me all at once. Prayer, a ton of prayer went into it.

The fear of the spin. How were they going to spin it? Anything I said could be used in whatever way they wanted. Even though I had read People for years and never seen them turn a story into something mean it was SCARY!

Then I got the call that they had picked me, and wanted to send a reporter out. Sheer panic ran through me and I almost backed out. Then I paused and said a quick prayer..."It's just fear stopping you Emily." then I remembered what fear meant: face everything and recover. I asked the reporter on the phone if she would be the one coming out, we had talked often and I felt really comfortable with her. When she said yes I said yes and it was on. The reporter's name is Alicia, she is a wonderful person, as is every person I came in contact with during my People experience.

I didn't actually believe I was going to be in People until my issue came out, it was just to big to wrap my mind around. I was very happy with how the article turned out. It did end up taking on a spin of its own, as I was way more of a crazy ass drunk than they made me out to be, but the article helped people and that's all I care about.


  1. Who knows how many seeds were planted cause you got up from that table and the crazy man. Gives me a good (God?) way


  2. And many lives have not been the same since!!!


  3. DEFINITELY planted a seed for me - got me off my butt and got me to take some action to better my life! Again & again . ...thank you, thank you, thank you Em for sharing your story with the world!!! Hugs - Annette

  4. Great story about the story! I too have felt that unexplained tug of divine intervention & it saved my life. I think it's just our guardian angels doing their thing. As long as we remain open to their assistance...