Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 30 days to BBF Annette

I am sooooo proud of you! Thank you for giving me the pleasure of watching you get sober one day at a time! You are a true blessing to me and to the other readers on

Annette you ROCK!


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH EM!!! Seeing this post 1st thing upon getting up this a.m. just made my day!!! With all you've got going on & you remembered little 'ol me - you're the best! And you are a HUGE part of me being here today as you well know! I wish you safe travels & a strong heart! What you're doing is so brave & inspirational - I know you are going to help soooo many women just like you helped me & the others on this blog! Take care, my prayers are with you always & be careful!

    Love, your BBF - Annette

  2. Congradulations Annette, a great day to remember, & you will. Enjoy them all, one at a time...

    Hey Emily, I'm sure the anticipation is rockin' thru you right now. Enjoy & embrace it, there's a reason why you were chosen.
    Be lookin' for you on f-book...
    Prayers & positives to you...

  3. Happy 30 days to you!
    Happy 30 days to you!
    Happy 30 days dear A!
    Happy 30 days to you!!

    I have been out of town all day but thinking of you lots! WOW!!!! You made it!


  4. Thanks J - it feels really great! I'm on my way to a healthier, happier life! And thanks for your friendship & support - it means the world to me!

    Hugs - Annette