Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning everyone! Here are my goals for the day....

- call people interested in advertising
- find a "web guy"
- work through my enormous laundry pile
- go to a meeting
- stay out of fear

That's it in a nutshell. What's on your agenda?


  1. my day changed rather abruptly last nite at 10p.m. - our school district cancelled school for today in "expectation" of the "Blizzard of 2010" - the weather is fine right now, but my boys are still asleep upstairs - there had BETTER BE A STORM TODAY! haha - so my day now looks like this:

    - go to the chiropractor for my back crackin
    - meeting w/my therapist at 11:00
    - finish my laundry
    - stay sober
    - work on my 3rd Step prayer for tomorrow nite
    - fix dinner for the fam
    - hopefully/weather permitting-go to mtg tonite

    oh - and most importantly - almost forgot - keep my boys entertained ALL DAY b/c "mom, there's nothing to do & no one to play with"!

    Have a great day & my a.m. reminders will begin for you on Monday!

    Hugs - Annette

  2. I'm spending my last two days of vacation in my jammies, cooking comfort food, sitting by the fire and crocheting. School starts Friday and I'm enjoying these last few free days. To entertain us when we were small, my grandmother would make us that home-made playdough and let us go to town. It was awesome and we made a bunch of keepsakes for our parents and family. Good memories.


  3. I put out some yard signs for my mother in law's campaign, had a last minute lunch date with my hubby, now I, too, need to tackle some laundry.....

    glad to know we all struggle ;)

  4. I love you guys!

    Anette...How were the kiddos today? I totally get the moment of I hope they were little angels for you!

    Kim...I am conveting your live a bit right now:)

    J...when I make it big my girls all get 1 year of laundry service, laundry sucks:) What till you hear who I got a letter from today, you will shit (and you know it must be big cause I never swear on here:)

    XO, Em