Monday, January 11, 2010

God's Stimulus Package

I believe God is in the process of creating a stimulus package for the good old USA (the whole world really). I actually think it's always been there for us to tap into, but because of the state of our economy, people are tapping into it more than ever. I think the name of God's Stimulus package should be....

"The Hand that Gives Gathers."

Amazing people in my life whose sole purpose is to help others are starting to succeed in amazing and creative ways. It's wonderful to watch God at work. I think He would like people to stop asking what they can get and start thinking about what they could give. I have this crazy feeling that the people that are doing that will be rich beyond their wildest dreams, they really are already.

So the next time you're in financial fear, think about asking God for a stimulus package, He's way more effective then our government.


  1. Emily, how did you get so smart--so young...maybe that should read: How did you get so young? --grin!

    About the "smart"...I was dead serious. GOOD blog post, as usual, that;s the truth, TOO!

  2. I agree that the Universe is listening and the winds of change are a wonderful direction. Just a gut feeling..