Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God's Holding the Cards

I felt like I was holding a lot of cards this morning - great hand, but still a lot of cards. So I handed the cards to Jesus in my morning prayers (let's see what He does with them!) As I did this, the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" came on my ipod - very fitting. My higher power often talks to me through music.

Does yours?


  1. I have a play list of early morning worship music that I start many mornings when I get up for my quiet time. I remember one morning driving to a counseling session and each song on the radio seemed directed straight to me. {LOVE} it!

  2. A classmate gave me a tape by Michael Martin Murphy, never heard him before, more Western than Country, popped in the tape on the way to class & the lyric from the first song started, "A man only sees what he wants to see, but his heart knows the truth." Back to Basics...

    I went on a job interview last evening. I think it went well, but I know who is holding that card now & whatever the result, it is right for me. Moving on today, waiting but not worrying. Thanks for the fitting topic today, & just about any other...

  3. Coincidences are God's way of being anonymous. Something I heard that seems to fit today.