Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast with the Stars

This morning I had the pleasure to dine with 3 up and coming stars. Tatyana, Aleka and Katrina.They are here for their Aunt and Mom's movie premiere. These little women were fabulous and excited, and it was my honor to have breakfast with them! When you one day see their names in lights, know I always knew they were going to be stars:)

Their Mom 'Getta Anand' wrote a book called The Cure, which CBS turned into a movie staring Harrison Ford. Neat, right!? I got a chance to meet this amazing woman, she is witty and wonderful and very humble about her amazingness.

LA is so my kind of town. if just for today. My Mom comes in this afternoon. Tonight is the Golden Globes, which is filmed right on the same block my hotel is on. We will soooo be star watching tonight!!

Off to class......

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